Doc Talk: Risks for colon cancer

As most of you know, colon cancer can be a very deadly disease if not caught in time for treatment. So in the video below, we asked Dr. Chad Wigington of Mercy Health to talk about some of the factors that put people at a higher risk of developing colon cancer. Click the video “play” [...]

Doc Talk: How to prevent the dreaded UTI

If you’ve ever had a urinary tract infection (which is not-so-lovingly nicknamed UTI) then you KNOW how painful it is. It’s a serious, drive-you-insane level of pain. And since we’re only a few weeks away from the holidays, we KNOW you don’t have time for one of those, right? The good news is that, while [...]

Doc Talk: Average time it takes to conceive

So many of us have concerns when, despite plenty of “trying,” we’re still not seeing that extra line on the home pregnancy test. But how long is “too long” before conception? What’s the average time it takes for a healthy woman (under the age of 35) to conceive? Click the video “play” button below to [...]

Doc Talk: Lice making the rounds at school

We just heard from a nurse in one of Northwest Arkansas school districts that the dreaded LICE are making their rounds again this year. Yikes! As soon as the temperatures dip and kids start bundling up in hats, scarves, etc., cases of lice always go up. We know it makes you all itchy to even [...]

Doc Talk: Which nausea medications are safe during pregnancy?


So many of us have dealt with nausea — sometimes severe — during the early stages of pregnancy. (During one of my pregnancies, the nausea lasted into the 5th month!) And even royal new mothers, like Duchess Kate, have battled intense pregnancy-related nausea. It really can disrupt your ability to function during the day (and [...]

Doc Talk: How to lower your risk of ovarian cancer


All types of cancer are scary, but ovarian cancer is often difficult to diagnose in its early stages. So if early detection is more challenging, that leaves us wondering if there is anything we as women can do to LOWER our risk of developing this life-threatening disease. Click the video “play” button below to see [...]

Doc Talk: Preventing Type 2 diabetes


We hear so much in the news about the epidemic of Type 2 diabetes and how many health complications it can trigger. So today’s Doc Talk is devoted to how we can prevent this health issue in our lives and in the lives of our kids or husband. Click the video “play” button below to [...]

Doc Talk: What to expect with teething


It’s one of those big milestones in a baby’s life — the first tooth. We mamas love to show off that shiny new tooth because it’s a symbol that our sweet baby is starting to grow up. But we all know that teething sometimes comes along with some not-so-fun symptoms. What should you expect when [...]

Doc Talk: Sports medicine

It’s that time of year again. Moms all over Northwest Arkansas will be standing on sidelines or sitting in bleachers watching our kids play sports. While it’s exciting to watch your kid be part of a game, it’s also scary to think about the potential for sports injuries. That’s why it’s important for parents of [...]

Doc Talk: My kid can’t go to sleep!

In a few weeks, those of us who have kids in school will be herding them all back toward a decent bedtime. It’s easy to let good sleep patterns fall by the wayside during summer break, and sometimes it’s really tough getting back into a school routine. But what if your kid just can’t seem [...]