Funny Friday: Copter Mommy

Do you hover?

Are you a helicopter mom? Or dad?

We hate to admit it, but some of this rang a little too true:

Happy Friday! Stock up on the bubble wrap this weekend!

Funny Friday: If you’ve ever been victim to a bad dad joke, watch this

Are your kids always groaning because dad told YET ANOTHER really bad joke?

It happens at our houses all the time. Both of our husbands just love to tell bad jokes and make horrible puns. It’s apparently in their job description. Here’s a funny video (yay for Funny Friday!) for the kids who are “survivors” of some of the most terrible bad dad jokes ever told:

Happy Friday, everyone! xox

Funny Friday: Northwest Arkansas mamas get it done LIKE A BOSS

Earlier this month we posted this on Facebook:

like a boss

The response was rapid and hilarious. Read below to see snapshots in a day in the life of NWA mamas:

Eurina: Put my son to sleep like a boss

Vanessa: Broke up a tiff (over the tablet) between my kids like a boss

Jacqueline: Spoke to a group about leadership… like a boss.

An: Picked a popcorn kernel out of my teeth, like a boss!

Jordan: Had a 21″ baby and a 12″ sub Sandwich like a boss!

Kate: Checked our new downtown building for roof leaks LIKE A BOSS.

Erin: Processed Payroll LIKE A BOSS (well, I AM the boss…so, yeah.)

Cori: Shopped at Sam’s

Sodi: Volunteered at my Church’s storehouse, giving clothes to children needing school supplies, like a boss. ;)

Wendy: Got three kids down to afternoon nap….Like a Boss

Tiffany: Went back to school shopping…like a boss!

Rhonda: Walked around the mall…like a boss.

Angel: Made all the “transfirmers” toys stand up on their own. Like a boss!

Jen: Bought kids school shoes…like a Boss!!

Camille: I ate a piece of key lime pie for lunch…like a boss! (My unborn daughter demanded a piece of pie…who am I to say no?)

Carrie: Ran the vacuum… LIKE A FREAKIN’ BOSS!

Amanda: Made the kids lunch…which consisted of leftovers, like a boss!

Angela: Did Zumba class…like a BOSS!

Penny: Drove my mother-in-law to the doctor in the rain on the interstate through road construction….. LIKE A BOSS!!!!!

Heather: Scrolled facebook…like a boss!

Meredith: Got drenched in the rain…like a boss!

Audrey: I just wiped a bottom, like a boss. ?

Cassie: I just created a grocery list, like a boss.

Kim: I just unloaded the dishwasher…like a boss.

December: Breastfed like a boss.

Laurie: Went to Lion’s Club… like a BOSS!

Stephanie: Sent a a boss ;)

Stacy: Wasted time on FB and Internet like a boss!

Mindy: Snuck into my room to eat cookies by myself…like a boss

Jamie: Folded towels out of the dryer- like a BOSS

Christina: Brushed my teeth like a boss!!

Judy: Shredded papers “like a boss”!

Amanda: Went to Amazeum – like a BOSS!

Karen: Added 20 more work hours to my schedule like a boss!

Jan: Mowed the yard #likeaboss

Tara: Decided my job title is COO(chief operations officer aka stay-at-home mom)…like a boss. I guess that makes the hubs CFO.

Marla: Cried…like a boss!

Jan: Flossed my teeth, LIKE A BOSS

Magdalene: Changing a diaper like a boss

Kerri: Washed Baseboards like a boss!

Angela: Ordered two dresses online for our cruise; like a Boss!

Funny Friday: “It’s not about the nail.”

If you’ve ever been irritated with your husband because he is so busy trying to “fix” your problem that he can’t simply listen to you and sympathize, then you MUST share this hilarious video with him asap. Oh my goodness. It made us laugh.

We’ve got to admit that it must be very tough for our guys to shut up and listen when the solution to the problem seems SO obvious. This one is for you, guys!

Funny Friday: Here’s looking at you, Mom!

If you haven’t seen sweet baby Piper’s video yet, now is the time. Piper has taken the Internet by storm because the video of her trying on her baby pink glasses for the first time has been seen more than 12 million times on Facebook.

Reports say that Piper was born with weak eyesight, so when she tries on her new baby glasses for the first time, you can see the amazement in her eyes as she finally puts her Mom and Dad’s voices together with clear images of their faces for the first time. I’ve watched it five times already and it gets sweeter every time I see her reaction. Enjoy, and Happy Friday!