Funny Friday: The stars of Star Wars talk to Jimmy Kimmel

You may have noticed that there are plenty of Star Wars fans who are losing their minds today because they’re SO excited about the new Star Wars movie that opens today in theaters. If this one has even half the magic of the first Star Wars movie, it’s going to be huge. Here’s a clip of the stars of the movie talking to Jimmy Kimmel about where they were when they found out they’d landed these life-changing roles.

See you at the movies! Pass the popcorn.

Funny (Black) Friday: Viral video

If you’re heading out EARLY this morning to hit the Black Friday sales and you’re leaving the baby home with Dad, we hope you have plenty of Press N’ Seal. Check out this hilarious video below. Happy shopping!

Funny Friday: Swedish massage by kitty

It’s been a long, hard week. What we really need now is to just relax… and have a kitten massage. Enjoy the cuteness. Happy Friday, mamas.

Funny Friday: When you can’t find your phone

Does anyone besides us freak out a little when we can’t find our phone? Good to know we’re not alone. This cat totally understands that feeling. (Enjoy and Happy Friday, mamas.)

Funny Friday: Mommy’s Hallelujah song is beautiful {you must listen!}

Awww, we love this mom’s voice.

The lyrics are funny, but we can’t help but get swept up in the singing. The song is about how you feel like singing Hallelujah when the kids go to sleep. Cuz momming is hard, y’all.

You really want to listen to this: