Tweens & Teens: The back-to-school clothes dilemma

Note from the mamas: It’s the first week of school, which means your tween or teen might be asking for more new clothes, if he or she hasn’t bagged them already. To help you navigate those tricky waters, here’s a great post written by child psychologist Dr. Billy Jones of Mercy Health. Did you know [...]

Tweens & Teens: Decode your kids’ text messages

By Dr. Billy Jones, father and child psychologist with Mercy Health According to a 2007 research study, 82% of Americans own a cell phone. This amounts to about 250 million people. Of those 250 million, guess how many are children and teenagers. …Okay, I’ll tell you: Ages 6-9 years = 22%; ages 10-14 years = [...]

Tweens & Teens: Top four reasons why teens misbehave


By Dr. Billy Jones, psychologist with Mercy Health  A few weeks ago, this website asked a question in an online quiz that went like this: “Which of the following behaviors would bother you most if you noticed it in your child?” The possible answers were “bad grades, bad hygiene, bad friends, or bad manners.” The [...]

Tweens & Teens: Weight Issues


“You can never, ever, use weight loss to solve problems that are not related to your weight. At your goal weight or not, you still have to live with yourself and deal with your problems. You will still have the same husband, the same job, the same kids, and the same life. Losing weight is [...]

Tweens & Teens: Teaching teens to manage money


“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” – Will Smith Welcome to the March edition of Teens and Tweens. Or as I like to call it, how in the world did I survive this long with our kids driving us crazy? Because [...]

Tweens & Teens: Losing my religion


“Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, is of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.” ~ C. S. Lewis Welcome to the January 2012 edition of Tweens & Teens. I tell you what, readers of this column don’t hold back with their questions and Gwen and Shannon [...]

Tweens & Teens: Uncomfortable conversations


“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.”  ~ Brian Tracy Welcome to the September edition of Tweens & Teens. Recently, the following question was posed to me, so I’m using this month’s article to address it. Here’s the [...]

Tweens & Teens: Having “the talk,” even though it scares you to death


Note from the mamas: We’re re-posting this Tweens & Teens because it’s such an important topic that parents often dread and avoid, for obvious reasons. It originally posted in November of last year, and it got several comments from local moms. If you missed reading it the first time, we hope it offers some insight [...]

Teens & Tweens: Texting and Driving


Tweeting, blogging, texting. Remember when we just talked to each other? Author Unknown Welcome to the May edition of Teens and Tweens. Before we go further, I’m going to admit something: I have texted while driving, not just once, but on numerous occasions. But now it’s over. I’ve done some research into the topic for [...]

Tweens & Teens: Picking your battles


“Pick battles big enough to matter but small enough to win” ~ Jonathan Kozol The question of picking your battles is really answered in the first part of this sentence with the word “picking”.  That is to say, “You have a choice with all your battles.” Rules, however, are different. When parents make “rules”, they [...]