Theraderm: Our NWA Mom Prom lounge sponsor + a surprise!

So did you hear the fabulous news that Theraderm Clinical Skin Care is our NWA Mom Prom lounge sponsor?

Not only will you have a lovely lounge to take a break from dancing on Prom Night, there will also be great products waiting for you there to smooth your hands and give you luscious lips. (Note that there won’t be anyone selling anything in the Lounge, so you won’t need to feel any pressure to buy anything. This is simply a chance for a local company to show off some great products and offer local moms some pampering treatments. There will be a few samples in the Mom Prom Swag Bags for you to take home, as well as info on how to get more, if you fall in love with the products.)

*Read to the bottom for a surprise.

These products are cosmetic grade and the story behind  how they were originally formulated is so cool!

theraderm logoThe awesome Theraderm backstory: Dr. James Beckman, the company’s founder and CEO, started the line of products while he was a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, working with patients who had been severely burned.

Dr. Beckman wanted to improve the quality of life for his patients. He wanted to help restore full function and mobility to their skin-grafted hands, which led to Beckman’s Skin Care Cream.

In further developing this highly-specialized restorative crème in 1989, a new ingredient was discovered that greatly enhanced moisturizer penetration, but had the unique side effect of decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Yeah, baby!

Patients used the specialty cream with this second product containing the newly-discovered ingredient. Many began reporting not only that the effects of the moisturizer were enhanced, but also that they had noticed a disappearance in wrinkles and a more youthful look to their skin.

It was a natural progression to create Therapon Skin Health, a company that supplied these products to other physicians. The two primary products led to the creation of the Theraderm Skin Renewal System, a daily skincare system designed to restore skin health and uncover natural beauty while enhancing skin’s natural ability to restore itself.

theraderm quote, Dr. Beckman

theraderm girlTheraderm has a travel version of the daily *Skin Renewal System that Gwen and I have used and loved.

You can actually put these little travel sets in your suitcase (TSA compliant). The trial sizes are the same 4 products that have been formulated to use every day:

  • Cleansing Wash
  • Fruit Acid with Application Pads
  • OPC Reparative Gel
  • Moisturizer

This is an anti-aging system that only takes four minutes to do. We actually timed it and it can be done in less on days you gotta get out the door fast :)

Well, guess what, ladies? *The first 100 who buy a ticket to the Mom Prom will receive one of these travel sets for FREE! Surprise! Tickets go on sale TOMORROW (March 1st) at We’ll share more details soon about how you can snag your travel bag. And don’t forget: you’ll get to play with some of the Theraderm products when you’re hanging out in the Theraderm Mom Prom Lounge. Woo-hoo! We’ve got all kinds of extras planned for this year’s prom.

Aren’t the travel sets cute? See:

theraderm skin renewal travel system

Show Theraderm some love and go visit their website to look around at all the amazing products they have for improving skin — including problem areas like acne, dark circles, puffy eyes and wrinkles  — and lovelier lips. Click here to visit their website. They always have great discounts and offers, so be sure to follow them HERE on Facebook to take advantage of those!

Thanks, Theraderm!

Hosting a holiday or New Year’s Eve get-together? The Party Place has everything you’ll need!

Party Place, christmas cutouts

If you’ve got a holiday party coming up this weekend and you haven’t had time to shop for party supplies — we can hook you up. You won’t have to run around town trying to gather everything, it will all be in one place – The Party Place.

party place logoThey’ve got toys, games, party decorations, supplies, favors and great cardboard cutouts like the ones above who will no doubt be the life of the party. Party guests will love posing for pics next to these Christmas icons.

The Party Place even has gifts and stocking stuffers.

Every month The Party Place offers a Dean’s Special. For December, it’s 25% off all catering items.

New Year’s Eve parties

If you’re thinking ahead to a New Year’s Eve party — whether it’s a home party or a big event — they’ve got lots of great decor and party items in stock right now.

We typically opt not to get out on the roads on New Year’s, mostly because so many people drive after drinking — plus the simple fact that finding a babysitter that night is next to impossible.

We talked to The Party Place owner Pepper (he’s also owned The Party Place in Forth Smith for the past 12 years) and he has some fun New Year’s Eve kits for 10 or 25 people. The kits include everything from horns with fringe to party hats to cow bells for “ringing in” the New Year.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPepper also puts together little kits for kids so they can be part of the festivities. They include hats, blowouts, balloons and sparkling cider.

Speaking of balloons, they have all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from. Classic New Year’s Eve colors are silver black and white, of course, but it’s your party — so we say pick the colors you like.

Remember that The Party Place always stocks lots of birthday party supplies and they have some unique options. Since they are independently owned, they can choose to stock the store with what local shoppers want — not just what corporate thinks they should have.

The Party Place scoop: The Party Place was founded in 2002 to fill a void in the River Valley; local citizens were driving as far as Tulsa to purchase quality party supplies. Since then the store has grown remarkably over the years. Today, the Fort Smith location occupies 12,500 square feet in a great location right behind Central Mall in Fort Smith. In 2013, a 9,900 square foot additional location was opened at Pinnacle Hills Promenade in Rogers. All the great services and products customers have come to expect in Fort Smith are now available in the Northwest Arkansas area. With custom balloons, balloon bouqets, design-your-own banners, pinatas, theme parties, and more, The Party Place is Arkansas’ party headquarters.

Visit The Party Place on Facebook here (so you can stay in the loop on new party items and deals), stop by the store at 4202 West Green Acres Road in Rogers or call them at 479-230-9494. Please tell them you saw their ad — or this story — on Motherlode so they’ll know that mamas across Northwest Arkansas support the businesses that support nwaMotherlode. We appreciate our sponsors — and the amazing moms who hang out with us here on the website. This time of year has us feeling very grateful to each of you.


Local James + James adds new furniture lines, has sales in 40 states now

We first met James Smith when he shot some Mercy NWA videos for us a few years ago.

James is a great videographer, but he had a secret passion for woodworking. That little spark was ignited two years ago and his company, James+James is on fire!

The company is now shipping to three countries (USA, Canada and Bermuda) and now has sales is 40 states. The operation recently moved to a location on Randall Wobbe Lane in Springdale and is three times larger than the previous work space.

Not to mention, the dynamic furniture duo is adding new bed and table designs to their furniture line-up. And James tells us that’s just the beginning of their planned products expansion. Way to go, James Smith!

James will be on Good Morning Arkansas in Little Rock tomorrow (Nov. 8) to talk tips for Thanksgiving dining decor. He has some beautiful custom tables, so if you’re planning to entertain this Thanksgiving or Christmas, you might want to consider ordering one from James+James.

Here’s a 7-foot dark walnut and black farmhouse table that we think is gorgeous:

 James table 2

We love that they’re local and James is absolutely one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet. We had a giveaway with James+James a year or so ago and they went above and beyond for the winning family.

On that note, this is really cool: Moms are encouraged to bring their kiddos to tour the wood shop, even if they have no interest in buying. James said a large 4H group recently came in for a tour. He said they love showing kids how they make things.

The company is in the middle of a major web site overhaul that will feature online checkout abilities when it launches late November, so be watching for that. Here are some more product shots so you can see their work (or click here to visit the website and explore the company yourself):

james 3james 4james round table

Call James Smith at 479-633-7557 or click here to visit the James+James website for more info!

Crafty Mama: DIY decoupaged picture frame!

By Sarah E. White

Now that Mother’s Day has come and gone, why not make a quick craft to hold one of those sweet pictures of you and your kids that you took that day? This project is super-simple, and other than the picture frame you probably have all the materials you need right at home.

I designed this project as a recycling or upcycling project (using old things in a new way), but you could absolutely use some of your nice scrapbooking paper to decorate the frame. And if you don’t have a paper punch to make the flower form, use a stencil or cookie cutter to cut out a fun shape, or use a purchased decorative wood piece.


  • Wooden picture frame (mine came from JoAnn)
  • Newspaper
  • Decoupage medium
  • Foam brush
  • Scrapbook paper and a paper punch (or other decoration of your choice); I actually used index cards and paint instead of fancy paper
  • Adorable picture*


  1. Rip up paper and decoupage to the frame. I did mine in a couple of layers; if you do the same, allow to dry between applications.
  2. Use a paper punch (mine is the EK Tools Scallop Frame Large Punch, but anything fun and graphic would work) to punch out several of the same shape. Use decoupage medium to glue them together, then paint the top one if desired (I just used blue poster paint). Again, if you don’t want to go that route, find a fun piece of craft wood, add the letters of your child’s name or spell out the word “love,” paint over the paper, whatever you like.
  3. Decoupage the flower to the frame and let dry.
  4. Cut picture to size if necessary and insert into frame.
  5. Hang somewhere you’ll enjoy it.

*The picture in mine is not actually from Mother’s Day; it’s from my daughter’s first birthday. It’s fun for me to see because she’s now almost three!

Sarah E. White is a Fayetteville-based freelance writer, editor, crafter, wife and mom of a 2-year-old. She’s the Guide to Knitting for ( and shares her crafty exploits at Our Daily Craft (

Business Spotlight: The Blind Lady of NWA

Nan Hudson is a local mom who knows her stuff when it comes to custom blinds and shutters. The best part is she brings the store to you!

We asked Nan a few questions about her business, The Blind Lady of NWA (isn’t that name memorable?):

Here’s what she had to say:

How long have you been the Blind Lady of NWA? Since August of 2007, so 4 1/2 years. We offer custom blinds and custom shutters.

I love a free estimate. How can I request one? Just give me a call! I come measure and bring samples to choose from.

Tell us about the process of ordering blinds or shutters from you: Very simple. Just call me and I’ll come measure. I can help the customer pick the right product for their needs and then give an estimate. I do 50% down with the balance due at installation. Blinds usually take 2 weeks to get in. Shutters take a little longer. Either I or my installer will install them as soon as they come in.

Can you help us decide what we need? Blinds, shutters or something else? Why would you need “something else”? lol Sometimes I work with decorators and they might put fabric panels around the windows to “dress up a room”. I’ve also directed people toward tinting (especially those high windows) if they still want to have a blind on them or it’s more cost effective for their needs.

What brands do you offer? I’m a picky person. I have a local company that I get some of my 2″ faux and 2″ wood from. I like them because they are local and inexpensive and provide very good quality products. For most of my blinds, though, I carry HunterDouglas. They’re the best. They have the best customer service and the best quality product. And they’re the same price as the other big name companies. I’ve actually been selling blinds for 12 years and have learned the hard way just how important customer service from the manufacturer is.

How are you able to keep your prices so low? By working out of my house. No showroom means a lot less overhead. I’ve found that when people need blinds, they don’t need a showroom. You always end up bringing all the samples to the house when you measure.

Where do you purchase your blinds? I get some of my blinds from a company out of Rogers. Most of my blinds are from HunterDouglas. One of the things I love about HunterDouglas is that all the materials for the blinds comes from North America – United States, Mexico and Canada. And almost all the HunterDouglas factories are in the United States with just one or two in Canada.

We understand you’re a “green” business. How so? I recycle everything. All my boxes, papers, and everything else gets recycled. I have some blinds that are made of recycled pop bottles and other recycled material. Because I purchase some of my blinds locally, I’m able to pick them up (so no shipping) which is also good for the local economy, and THEY recycle all their stuff, too!

Do you have any cute products just for kids? We’ve got some pretty kid colors for kids’ rooms. And my favorite product for kids’ rooms are the cordless blinds. As most moms know, small children and cords can be a dangerous mix. Kids like to play with cords and can actually be strangled by them. So I love cordless blinds in a kids’ room.

Tell us about your family: My husband and I have been together for 10 years and we have a 9-year-old son. My son is the reason I started my blind business. I wanted to be able to work,  have a flexible schedule and still do “mom stuff,” like having a good home-cooked meal on the table every night. My son is in Cub Scouts, Lego Robotics Club, plays basketball and takes horseback riding lessons. I’m also very active in the PTA. My husband is self-employed also and installs and designs custom audio video equipment for homes.

When you’re not working, what do you enjoy doing? I love to cook, garden and and play with my horses!

If you’d like to talk to Nan about your best options for shutters and blinds, call her at 479-531-4785. Click here to jump over to her Facebook page and give her a “like”!