A Mother’s Day giveaway you’ll LOVE!

Mother's Day giveaway

Mamas, we know how hard you work and since the Mother of All Holidays is coming up on Sunday, we wanted to host a giveaway that would make you feel completely pampered.

bordinos21First up, we’ve got good food. Fabulous food. You’re an awesome mom, so you deserve to have an awesome meal at the amazing Bordinos Restaurant.

Did you know that they were serving brunch on the weekends now? (Perfect for Mother’s Day this weekend. Maybe you could forward this post to your husband for a heads-up?)

We absolutely adore this restaurant, especially the food and the ambiance. It just feels special when we eat there. Follow them on Facebook and you’ll see some amazing dishes on a regular basis.

Next, we’ve got some retail therapy. The winner will also receive a gift card to shop at Riffraff in downtown Fayetteville. Have you been there lately? Clothes, jewelry, adorable home decor. This shop is so.much.fun!

riffraff gift card

And last, but not least, we’ve got some MASSAGE therapy lined up for the winner. Leta Campbell, the owner of Massage Wellness, is going to give the winning mama an amazing experience at her spa.

The winner will receive Massage Wellness’ Mother’s Day package valued at $200 and includes the following:

  • A Swedish massage
  • A facial
  • A slimming body wrap
  • A spray tan

Yes, please!!! Leta is always offering great deals on her Facebook page. Click here to follow Massage Wellness on Facebook so you don’t miss any great deals on spray tans, wraps, massages, lashes — the list goes on!

massage wellness logo use

HOW TO ENTER: If you’d love to win gift cards from Bordinos & Riffraff + the $200 Mother’s Day Package from Massage Wellness, click on the words “post a comment” below and tell us about one of the best Mother’s Day gifts you’ve ever received — or about a Mother’s Day gift you remember giving your mom when you were a kid.

REALLY WANT TO WIN? If you’d like to increase your odds of winning this great Mother’s Day package, just share! Email friends and family about the giveaway and CC us so we’ll be sure to give you credit. We’ll give you an extra chance to win for each person you tell. The email is giveaways@nwaMotherlode.com.

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Good luck! We’ll choose a winner on Friday!



  1. Whitney says

    My favorite another’s Day gift is always the cards and stuff the kids make me at school. I especially love the ones where they have to answer questions about me. They are so funny!

  2. Kathleen says

    My favorite Mother’s Day gift was a stroller my husband bought for me right after we found out we were expecting our first child. Three kids later I am still pushing it and I get so many comments about it. It was a splurge, but a good one. :) I follow you on Twitter, get the newsletter, commented on FB and follow you on Pinterest. Fingers crossed!

  3. Paula says

    Always the handmade cards, scrapbooks, pictures and gifts my daughter takes the time to create.

  4. Amanda cope says

    My favorite Mother’s Day gift was seeing the joy on my daughters face as she gave me her handmade gift

  5. Paige smith says

    My favorite Mother’s Day gift was a coupon book made by my kids with all the special things they would do!

  6. Cori Fryar says

    Best Mother’s Day gift I ever received was a Pinterest project that MY HUSBAND did completely on his own!!! He made letters for the girls to hold that said MOM! He then took pictures and put it in a cute frame! I was so impressed, and it’s still hanging in our bedroom!

  7. Katherine Morton says

    My favorite gift on Mother’s Day is a tough choice but I think it would be when my oldest was one year old and she came wondering into my bedroom covered head to toe with finger paints. My husband had given her free access to paints and laid poster boards in the kitchen. They were awesome. I still have several framed around my house. She was so proud. Husband really does a great job making sure I know how special I am to him and our girls.

  8. Holland Hayden says

    The best Mother’s Day present I ever received was this year- hearing that we have been matched with a birthmother and are now expecting a baby to be born in July. We are so excited considering the years we have worked for years to have a family. This year it’s happening!

  9. Shawna T says

    My babies are still little so the gifts they give me are usually really made by their teachers at school. However, I got a beautiful necklace from my husband/son when I was pregnant with my daughter that I cherish.

  10. Atina says

    The best Mother’s Day gift I ever received was last year. I had been wanting stamped mother’s rings with my kids’ names on them, but I hadn’t even told my husband. On Mother’s Day morning, my husband cooked breakfast, and on my plate was a jewelry box with the mother’s rings inside. He had consulted my sister and found out exactly what I wanted!

  11. Megan says

    My husband and mu son painted a flower pot last year and then planted some pretty flowers in it. It was really sweet and they are supposed to plant new flowers in the homemade pot each year.

  12. Meredith says

    This year will be my first mother’s day and I can’t wait to see how we celebrate. I love my Mother’s Ring I got last year when my son was born. I follow NWAMotherlode on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!

  13. Rachael Kendall says

    The best mothers day gift was just a day in with my husband and kids. Sometimes we get so carried away with the hustle and bustle of day to day life we forget how good just being together can be.

  14. Elizabeth says

    My favorite gifts are the things my kids make and my husband always finds the most perfect cards! I commented on Facebook! :)

  15. Tamara says

    My favorite Mother’s Day gift is my Mother’s necklace. It has the kids names & birthstones. The only problem is I had another baby so I need a new one! Ha!

  16. Carmen Holliday says

    The best Mother’s Day gift I ever received was a set of wind chimes. I was pregnant with my 3rd child and it was a rough pregnancy. Everytime I heard the soft sounds of the chime in the breeze it reminded me of how much I was loved and cared for. It was the most relaxing thing ever

  17. Amber Langston says

    My fav mom’s day gift was a necklace stamped with my daughter’s initials. So sweet!

  18. Kory says

    My favorite gift is a hand print and a footprint of each of my kids. My husband had them done in pottery clay and now they will last forever (or at least until the youngest one knocks it off the shelf). :) Happy Mother’s Day all you sweet mamas!!!

  19. Stacey G says

    My favorite Mother’s Day gift is anything hand-made by my boys. I love the thought and creativity they put into everything they do and they are always so proud to present me with their gift.

  20. says

    My favorites are always the ones my kids make themselves :) And my 3 y/o goes around saying, “Happy MOTHER’S DAY!” for weeks after the event ;)

  21. Allison says

    I love the hand-painted platter I got with all of my kids’ handprints as flowers. I will treasure it forever!

  22. Jerushia says

    One year one of daughters was so worried I wouldn’t have a gift to open, just the cards they had made. She built beautiful flower gardens out of Legos and wrapped it as best she could :) melted my heart!!

  23. Summer says

    This year I got my mom wildflower seeds that are native to her area of Kansas. She always has a hard time keeping flowers alive in the drought-susceptible area that she lives.

  24. Cheryl W says

    I love when my kids make me Mother’s Day gifts. Heartfelt gifts are the best!

  25. Coya says

    I just love to feel special on Mother’s Day. Anything my family does for me is wonderful. My husband usually cooks so I don’t have to :)

  26. Amy says

    My son is 8 years old and I have always sang “You Are MY Sunshine” to him! Even when he was in my tummy! :) So when he was 3 my husband recorded him singing the song to me. He gave me the recording along with a canvas with the words of the song painted on it for my 3rd Mother’s Day! Of course I still have both and will cherish them always!

  27. Cassie Webster says

    My favorite Mother’s Day gift was when my husband gave me a massage last year. It was heavenly! A massage to a mother of 4 is an absolutely perfect gift!

  28. says

    hah- I can’t find my comment to edit! I Also commented on FB (and SHARED on FB!), and I follow on Pinterest and Twitter :) Thanks Ladies! <3

  29. says

    I got a laptop one year…course, the kids were broke and could only pay half so I had to pay the other half but it was at that time when I never got anything for myself, it was all for the kids, so it was cool that I got to spend $150 on me.

  30. Patti Vogt says

    When I was 18 I gave my Nana who raised me a belated mothers day gift. My Nana was there on my first day of school. I wanted her there for my last. I worked full time and paid for a round trip airfare from Orlando to here so she could see me graduate. I was her only one that finished high school. (None of her kids graduated). It was worth working 50 hours plus a week to have her her to see me walk 20+ years ago.

  31. Amanda says

    Last year my three year old made me a flower in a pot (play dough container, Popsicle stick, and construction paper) – absolutely loved it! I can’t wait to see what they make this year :)

  32. Stacy Schmidt says

    Oh this would be such a wonderful gift. I have two awesome children. A boy and a girl. They are the light of my life. I absolutely love the handmade cards and trinkets they make for me. My favorites are the hand casts from when they are little. Things just go by so fast.

  33. Tami says

    I often “cooked” breakfast in bed for my mother, usually Eggos. Years later she told me most of the time the waffles were still frozen in the middle but she would eat them anyway

  34. Melissa Steeves says

    I love the homemade gifts from school. My little girl is always so excited to give them to me and that melts my heart.

  35. Amber says

    My favorite was last year. My husband and I had been going through some tough financial problems after a loss of a job last year. Since my birthday is at the same time as Mothers’ Day., I had gotten a gift card in the mail. I gave it to my husband, and he took my two girls to use it to shop for Mother’s Day because they really wanted to get something. They were so thoughtful and really picked out things they thought I would love. I got a pack of Diet Coke, a cute necklace, and a super sweet card. They were so proud and so thoughtful. One for the books even though times were super tough.

  36. Melinda McDaniel says

    The best Mother’s Day gift was actually given to me on Father’s Day two years ago. I woke up that Sunday morning to get ready for church. There was a beautiful flower arraignment and gift. But what made it so special was the card that made me cry crocodile tears from my 16 year old daughter who had babysat the night before and used all her money to buy me these gifts. Being a single momma this was the first gift ever. The card was so moving she thanked me for being a hard working momma but for also being the dad as her dad is not involved and she acknowledge I play both roles.. Tear Jerker! This was the best!!

  37. Brandy Feagin says

    My children are all little still. So the best Mother’s Day gift I can get is being able to sleep in that morning!

  38. Cat Donnelly says

    Probably the best Mother’s Day gift was getting a “Recipe Book” from school where the 1st graders had to say how their mom’s made their favorite dishes, like french toast or things like that. Their recollection of how these things were made were hilarious. My son selected German Pan Cakes because they got all cratery and stuff. The description included magic, I think. I’ll have to go and try to find that book again! Thanks for the memory!

  39. ashley daniel says

    My favorites are always the little things they make at school. I also love my double heart diamond ring, a heart for each of my girls.

  40. Leah says

    My very first mother’s day gift….a homemade jewelry box from my 1 year old daughter :) Her teachers at daycare had obviously done the bulk of the work, but it really marked my transition from daughter to mother!

  41. Brittney says

    My husband is a great gift giver and has especially made my 1st 3 years as a mother extra special. I have no doubt this 4th one will be just the same. He tends to do jewelry and/or flowers for mother’s day, but the cards he picks out our just as special!

  42. Dara Young says

    My favorite gift was the Mother’s Day after I had my second daughter. Since both girls were born in March, my husband got me a ring with 2 aquamarine stones representing both girls. I love it!

  43. Angie says

    I have only had one Mother’s Day so far for myself and I got flowers last year so I don’t have many to pick from but I got my mom a ring with my sister and I birthstone and birthdays engraved in it and she loved it.

  44. Geneva says

    My daughter wrote me a poem last Mother’s Day. It’s awesome for a young teenager to do such a great thing!

  45. Carmen says

    I sometimes get flowers, which I enjoy!
    I enjoy every Mother’s Day that I get to spend withy family… Daughter, mom, and grandmas! :)

  46. Kristen says

    The best gift a got was to sleep in and breakfast in bed that my 6 year old made (toast).

  47. Tamara says

    My favorite Mother’s Day gift has always been my kids bringing me breakfast in bed. With help of course – I’ll miss that this year but life is what it is and I’ll alwYs have the memories of my lil girl brimming with pride bc of the breakfast she makes mom and this year her and her brother and I can start new traditions with just us

  48. Stacy says

    I also love the cards , poems and pictures from the kids. Last year they made me cry they were so sweet. Thanks for the reminder of such sweet memories.

  49. Kelli Hafen says

    One of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts was when my son was old enough to pick out purple (my fav color) tulips and he helped me plant them :)

  50. Nicole Anderson says

    I love my mother’s ring I received my first Mother’s Day and am hoping for two more this year after the arrival of our twins!

  51. Sara Sturges says

    My best Mother’s Day gift is the one I am getting this year. My great aunt and great uncle are coming out from California and I haven’t seen them in 9 1/2 years and they are finally meeting my husband and boys!

  52. Rebecca Arnold says

    My most favorite mother’s day gift was the birth of my first daughter – 5 years later and she remains the most special part of my day.

  53. jane says

    I love home made gifts! I wish they still made more of those in school! One of my favorite gifts was actually this questionnaire that my son filled out in kindergarten about me. He thought I was 68 years old (I was 27 at the time). To top it off, my husband asked how old he thought his daddy was. He replied 28!!

  54. Lauren Willis says

    When I was in 1st grade, I made a clay print of my hand, painted it, and gave it to my mom for Mother’sDay. I turned 32 today and my mom still has my hand print and looks at it on Mother’sDay Day every year. I love you mom!!!!

  55. Laura Jade Farris says

    This will be my second Mother’s Day having my own child and I just love soaking up every minute of it. Homemade or thoughtful gifts are my favorite!

  56. Jana says

    Last year my son wrote me the sweetest Mother’s Day poem….it brought tears to my eyes. Love my kiddos!

  57. Jennifer says

    The best Mother’s Day gift was getting to spend the day with my daughter, niece, sister, mom, and grandma. It was a special day.

  58. Laura says

    When I was a kid, our teacher had us make a “coupon” book for our mothers for Mother’s Day. One of mine coupons said, “I’ll try to be nice to my sister.” My mom still has the coupon book and brings it out for a good laugh every Mother’s Day.

  59. Amy Smith says

    The best Mother’s Day I ever had was when my oldest made a stepping stone for my flower garden. I still have it, even though I have had to repair it through the years.

  60. Crystal says

    My Anniversary always falls right around Mother’s Day, this year ON Mothers Day. One year my husband arranged for an overnight babysitter, booked a hotel room, took me to dinner, and then we went shopping. He sat patiently while I tried on many, MANY things and he actually helped me pick out outfits and shoes. Then the next day we picked up the kids and went shoe shopping for the whole family! It was great to have the time together.

  61. Tiffany Henderson says

    My best Mother’s Day present was receiving my very first homemade card and flower pot from my niece who I had permanent custody of. Having no children of my own previously it was truly a new and wonderful experience! It’s been four years now and she is legally my daughter but my first Mother’s Day with her in my life will always remain the best!

  62. Andrea says

    I love spending the day with my family. This year will be my first Mother’s Day with my beautiful son. He was born with complex heart defects and underwent surgery at 8 days old. He is so precious and I am so blessed to be his mom. This will be an extra special Mother’s Day!

  63. Chelsea J Green says

    I was pregnant and my husband was working. At some point during the day he had managed to come home and drop of some flowers and a Snickers (my fav) without me knowing. I cried of course!

  64. Vickey Martin says

    My mom lost her mother on Mother’s Day, and her Father on Father’s day years later. Somehow, she always put on a smile on and appreciated all the love we shared with her. Since I’ve become a mother, she has turned the role and always makes my day very special for me and puts a smile on my face.

    Shout out to the best mom ever, Bettye Lee Christian.

  65. says

    My kids really aren’t old enough to give me gifts yet, but last year their teachers at daycare helped them to make a bag with their handprints on it. I loved it and will cherish it forever!

    This giveway is AMAZING, by the way!

  66. Summer Manzo says

    My favorite was last years gift. My husband got me a necklace with the black silhouette of all three of my kids. I have always loved those photos but never saw it on a necklace. I was so impressed that he thought of that, found it on etsy, took profile pics if all 3 kids and sent them in without me knowing. Now I can wear all 3 of my kids around all day. So sweet and special.

  67. Cristy Norwood says

    My favorite Mother’s Day gift was last year when my hubby & kiddos surprised me with a picnic in the park! He bought a huge picnic basket, brought lunch, wine for momma….pressies and kites for all 5 kiddos! We spent the whole day playing

  68. robin smith says

    my fav gifts received have been several, but ones with the most thought put into them are my fav’s. I have always enjoyed giving my momma gifts for mothers day and always try to be thoughtful.

  69. barbara kay demarais says

    A few years ago my daughter and her two daughters came over with flowers and a gift of all zebra-striped jewelry–they REALLY know what I like! I’m still wearing all of it. Love my girls!!

  70. Ashlee says

    My favorite Mother’s Day gift is probably getting a day off and chocolate. Chocolate is always a good gift!

  71. Cedar Middleton says

    I guess the best gifts are from my kids and their homemade cards, and then getting to go out to eat with them for lunch.

  72. cherie robbins says

    My best mothers day I think will be this year. My step daughter and I have reconnected after 30 years and I am so happy to her in my life. Looking forward to this moms day. I also remember sending my mom flowers on moms day and my birthday since she is the one that did all the work on my birthday. Love and miss my mom

  73. Jenny says

    This is my first Mother’s Day so is have to say my best gift is my new little guy who will be 6 weeks old on Mother’s Day

  74. says

    What a great giveaway! I’d love to win. One year my sweet husband ordered me a necklace with my 3 boys’ names on it. That was one of my favorite gifts ever. :)

  75. Alexis says

    My favorite Mothers Day present, was a bear my daughter bought not for me, but for HERSELF!!! Such a turkey!!

  76. says

    Probably my best Mother’s Day gift that was given to me, was a sweet (and very artistic) drawing of a large heart from my 5 year old son. It still melts my heart when I look at it…

  77. Staci Berger says

    This will be my first mother’s day as a complete mother of 5, I recently adoopted my three stepchildren after 5 years and so they I have 5 total and couldn’t be happier. My children are such a blessing.

  78. Lisa Lawyer says

    When I was in the first grade our teacher had us make necklaces out of hole punched egg cartons in various pastel colors. To this day my mother still has it and I am 43 years old. LOL

  79. Rachel says

    After announcing the other morning that I really did not want a mother’s day gift this year, that spending the day together and my not having to cook was gift my sweet husband surprised me with a camera for cinco de mayo. he is a keeper. : )

  80. Amy says

    My favorite Mother’s Day gifts are all the cards and pictures my kids make me! I will keep them all forever.

  81. says

    When I think of my Mom I think of how I was born on HER birthday, which is May 7 and super close to Mother’s Day. My oldest daughter was due on May 8 and we were hoping for a triple Birthday straight down the family line. Nope, she came 10 days before that :)

  82. Jan Childers says

    When my daughter, Lindsay, was 5, she had spinal meningitis and her life was in danger. After being in LeBonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis through spinal taps and quarantines, we finally got to go home on MOTHER’S DAY! As we were leaving, she saw all the flowers and balloons at the nurses’ station where they had rec’d gifts and she said, “Oh, no! It’s Mother’s Day and I don’t have you a PRESENT!” I assured her going home was the best present ever!

  83. Carrie says

    When I was in kindergarten we hand a store to shop for gifts for our mom. I picked out this tiny little ceramic bird for mine. It was 10 cents and I couldn’t wait to give it to her. Like any good mom, she gushed over it and displayed it proudly in her china cabinet. When I became a mother she have it to me one year. Now it sits in my china cabinet and I can’t help but smile every time I see it!

  84. Grace says

    This is my first mothers day so I do not have any favorite gifts as of yet! I always remember getting my mom gardening tools/decorations or flowers for mothers day and bringing her breakfast in bed!
    I follow you on facebook where I commented, pinterest, and instagram!
    Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

    Happy mothers day to all NWA mamas!

  85. Vel says

    The best gift I received besides my 3 kids, is making it out alive after a bad car accident and was given a chance to live for Jesus better than I was before.

  86. Traci says

    I Love all the homemade mothers day gifts from my kids when they were small… anything with handprints or footprints or some of their first writing. You don’t get those special days back! :)

  87. Rebecca says

    I was pregnant with my second child and my husband and oldest child went on a morning bike ride and got me doughnuts and a slushy from Sonic. So I got to sleep in and was greeted with fresh picked flowers and food!

  88. Doris miles says

    Best MD Every year my kids an hubby wait on me hand an foot from the moment I get up. And I get to pick where I want to spend my day. Al of mine have been special

  89. MAYRA HUDGENS says

    The best mother’s day gift I received was my daughter. I became a mother on mother’s day last year. This year I will be celebrating mother’s day by celebrating her first birthday.

  90. Jenny Horn says

    I love all of the handmade things that my kids made in preschool especially the hand and
    footprints. They are priceless!!

  91. Angela says

    When my son was 2 months old, he was crying in his crib and my husband wouldn’t go get him. I said but it’s Mother’s Day , please go get him. He wouldn’t do it. When I went to get my son out of his crib, there was a small box beside him. It was a mothers ring with his birthstone in it! Then it all made sense why my husband wouldn’t get him! Lol

  92. Brittney says

    My favorite Mothers Day gift was my son! He was born the sunday before Mother’s day 4 years ago so I got to have my first mother’s day with my sweet new born. My husband followed that up with a necklace with our son’s name and birthday stamped on it.

  93. says

    One of my favorite mother’s day gifts I usually give to my mother every year is a homemade meal of some sort. Whether it be breakfast in bed, a dinner and special dessert….it’s how it’s made with love that counts!

  94. Krissi says

    Spending the day with my kids is definitely my favorite part of Mother’s Day!

  95. AL says

    My favorite gifts that we got my mom were the creative coupon books promising her that my brother and I would “be good”, clean the house, or listen to her ALL day! As we got older I’ve loved getting her birthstone jewelry of me and my brother, and now adding her grand kids stones! I can’t wait to add more in the future! My sweet two year old is gift enough, but I do cherish her handprints and homemade goodies for myself!

  96. Tisha Lilly says

    It was Mothers Day 2002 and I was at church. My husband and I had tried to adopt twice and both times it didn’t work out. We had also tried to have a baby the old fashion way and not been successful at that even trying fertility drugs. My heart ached to be a Mom and my spirit was broken. I wondered why God would give me this burning desire and not send me child to love. That day I prayed and asked God to take this hurt away. He did just that. As I prayed He gave me peace in my heart telling me to be patient and have faith. You will be a Mommy! That peace stayed woth me and in 2006 we became foster parents and within 2 years we had adopted 2 beautil children. Then on 12/12/12 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! God sent me my best present ever that Mothers Day. Thank you God for making me wait until you knew I was ready to be a Mommy!

  97. Cammi Hevener says

    I always love anything my kids make for me .. All homemade gifts are my favorite! Necklaces, clay pots, candle holders … some things I’m not exactly sure what they are :) But they are precious to me!

  98. says

    A few years ago I received a little locket necklace from my kids that says “Mom” on the front. It was so simple & sweet. And of course I love handmade cards!

  99. Erin says

    The year my 5 year picked out my present I got pink lip gloss, candy that he likes, and some toys. :)

  100. Cristee says

    My favorite Mother’s Day gift was a couple of years ago when my children were younger my husband cleaned the entire house for me. What a great gift, I actually got a day off that day.

  101. says

    The best mother’s day gift ever was knowing that, finally, at 35 years old, I was carrying a baby in my tummy! That mother’s day he was as tiny as ‘a grain of rice’ – and now he is 3 years old! Nothing, nothing, nothing could fill my heart more than that!

    But I sure wouldn’t turn down one of these prizes, either! ;) They sound grrrrrreat!

    • says

      Oh yes… aside from getting your newsletter, I am also now following you on FB (don’t know why I wasn’t before!!!) as well as on Twitter and Pinterest. :)

  102. says

    The best Mother’s Day present was from both my son and daughter.. Between the two of them they pinched and saved allowance money, garage sale money (selling their old clothes and toys, etc.) to have enough money to surprise me with a gift certificate for manicure/pedicure, take me to a movie with refreshments and to a Arvest ballpark ballgame. So precious! Also, to be able to keep the surprise the whole time until the day came. :-D

  103. Sandra says

    The best Mother’s Day gift was a family day trip to Devil’s Den. Since I was new to the area, this was my first visit to the beautiful park. It was a great day = my kind of gift! :)

  104. Mandi Beesler says

    The best mother’s day gift I received was mothers rings with my two daughters’ names on them. I wear them everyday!!

  105. says

    The best mothers day gift is definitely when I get to sleep in and then get breakfast in bed served by my littles!

  106. Melissa says

    Best Mother’s Day gift… That’s a tough one. Let’s try the other one… I remember giving my mom a crousage and making her breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day!

  107. Merika says

    The best mothers day gift I ever got was after I found out I was finally pregnant with my first! My husband and his mom celebrated with me!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  108. Jocelyn Lampkin says

    My absolute most favorite mothers day gift was my ninja blender set. I love it and use it for everything.

  109. Susan Beard says

    My favorite mother’s day gift was a poem and picture hand made by my daughter AND my husband cleaned the whole house. I follow you on pinterest and get your newsletter!

  110. Jerissa Rogers says

    I love everything I receive from my kids. I love the homemade cards and crafts they do and how proud they are of what they have done and how excited they get when you open it. Last year my husband let my 6 year old pick it out and I received kitchen knives which I did need knew ones and a single cupcake holder because she thought it was cute and I liked cupcake and my twins got me flowers. It’s special to me when they pick it out and they are so excited and can’t wait for me to open it. This package would be awesome to win:)

  111. says

    My favorite Mother’s day gifts have been the little cards and items with my daughter’s sweet little handprints and footprints on them that she’s made at school. She’s 4 now but I still have a hand print mold from when she was 1 on my desk at work.

  112. Jenny says

    Sweet and simple… when my husband gets the girls to make cards and then they are placed on my pillow. So sweet, whether they are scribbles or words. I love to see their hearts and the love for their mama.

  113. Shelly F. says

    The best gift is getting Mother’s Day off. That’s my day to sleep in, not clean, not cook, or have to do any chores. One whole day of relaxation is the best gift.

  114. Elizabeth Dietz says

    My favorite Mother’s Day gift was when my son took me out to lunch and a movie. Such a sweet day together.

  115. Ashley L. says

    My fave is that my family makes homemade cards each year. So much more special than a Hallmark!

  116. Lauren says

    My favorite gift so far was landscaping done by my hubby with flowers that lasted all year. Acts of service are always a favorite for me!

  117. Krystina P says

    Just getting to go out to brunch with my hubby and wonderful little girl!

  118. Kim B says

    I love the homemade gifts my children have made for me over the years that had their hand prints on them. It is said so often, but the years do go by so quickly, and the memories of those early years are precious!

  119. Debbie says

    The best Mother’s Day gift is the homemade gifts and breakfast in bed from my little munchkins. They run in with smiles on their faces and are so excited to share with me what they’ve made. Better than anything in the world!

  120. Jessica Alexander says

    The best Mother’s day I ever received was my babies. After 7 years of infertility Mother’s Day was often very difficult for me. My first mother’s day was bitter sweet, I was so full of joy because of the baby I was holding and so saddened for those around me who wanted to be a mom so badly. My boys are not old enough to pick me out gifts yet, but their smiles are enough!

  121. Sarah Pitzer says

    My favorite mothers day gift is the annual tradition that I get Mommy-daughter pedicures with my daughter. It’s such an indulgent luxury that we never get otherwise, and it’s so special to spend that time with my now 8 year old. We started this tradition when she was 4 and have continued each year at mother’s day. This year my youngest daughter is 4 and she is VERY excited to join in the tradition with us!

  122. Samantha says

    My favorite Mother’s Day was last year because it happened to fall on the same day as my daughter’s 6th birthday. I was surprised because she was so excited for us to share our special days!

  123. Brandi says

    I loved the animated flower that my sweet kids gave me a couple years ago. :)

  124. Lesya Morrison says

    The handmade hand paintings from my son are always my favorite, anything he makes me is always extra special :)

  125. Brandy K says

    My favorite gift was the mothers ring that my husband and kids picked out for me themselves.

  126. Andrea Darst says

    My daughter makes me amazing artwork every year – from when she was 5 years old and on up…obviously, it’s gotten better over the years!

  127. Jamie Stein says

    I have received SO many nice gifts for Mother’s Day! It’s hard to pick just one! My favorite thing that we do on Mother’s Day is to eat breakfast with my siblings and my Momma and then my kids take me to do something special all day! Usually outside- because I love to be outside. Spending a whole day with my family is better than any store bought gift! :)

  128. Lindsay Chaney says

    This is actually my first mother’s day so I am really excited! One of my favorite things I gave my mom was some “grandma” gifts last year when we found out we were having our first child! That was exciting!

  129. Leigh says

    Spending the day with family doing whatever I want to do, which is usually a long bike ride on the Fayetteville trails and a picnic lunch!

  130. Trisha says

    My favorite gifts are the homemade ones from my daughter. I also love the hugs and the thank you for being a great mom from her. On Mother’s Day there are 3 generations and we celebrate together.

  131. Sheila Fitts says

    I love being able to spend time with my children, my granddaughter, and the rest of my family. I love receiving handmade cards and gifts!

  132. mina says

    This is only my 2nd mothers day so we haven’t really started a tradion (s) yet. I think breakfast in bed with the entire family would be fun :)

  133. Stephanie says

    I don’t know that I have a favorite, but I love everything my kids make me for mother’s day….from the hand prints to the poems…I cherish it all! I am starting to work on a large collage of these things and want to make them into a large piece of artwork for my wall!

  134. Gail Halleck says

    I too love the home made gifts from the kiddos and family time that day.

  135. Brandy says

    On Mother’s Day I love getting together with family and getting beautiful flowers from my kids.

  136. Betina says

    My husband and children alway plant tomatoes for me on Mother’s Day! Such a treat for all summer!

  137. Joanne Aguilar says

    We don’t celebrate Mother’s Day but my children always mske crafts for me at home throughout the year. It’s very special. I could definitely use some pampering too!

  138. Valerie says

    Best mother’s day gift was my first year to be a mom. I love my son so much. He is such a blessing to my life. I enjoy every opportunity I can get to spend with him.

    I have liked & shared the Motherload on Facebook and have started following on Pinterest.