Test your knowledge: A Minecraft quiz for parents

creeperI recently took a quiz to test my knowledge of the Minecraft world that my daughter inhabits on a regular basis. She wanted to see just how much I had picked up just by hearing her talk about it.

Unfortunately, I got a C+, which made me realize that I need to pay more attention when she’s talking about her newest obsession. Heck, maybe I should start playing with her.

This little quiz (which my daughter wrote) was the start of a great conversation and we had fun discussing the game in depth. I enjoyed finding out more about what she’s interested in.

Maybe you could try it with your Minecraft-obsessed offspring?

If your kids play Minecraft, they probably know the answers to these questions. Do you?

1. What is more valuable in Minecraft? Iron or gold?

2. How many wood planks do you get for 1 wood block?

3. How do you craft a bookshelf?

4. Where do you find horses in Minecraft?

5. Where do you find cats/ocelots?

6. Are there circles in Minecraft?

7. Is it a chicken or a duck? (this one is multiple choice: A) Chicken; B) Duck; or C) Nobody knows

8. What are Creepers scared of?

9. How do you tame a wolf in Minecraft?

10. What are mods?

11. Can you craft horse armor?

12. Can you ride horses?

13. Does it snow in Minecraft?

14. How can you hide from Endermen?

15. How do you grow mushrooms?

OK, I admitted to getting a C. How did you do? Fess up in comments!