Fashion Mama: Top Trends for 2010

Welcome to our new nwaMotherlode Fashion Editor, Michelle Thompson! Here are some of her best picks for the New Year:

Top Ten Trends for 2010:

  1. mark-dress-2.jpgFlowy, fluid floral dresses and tops.
  2. Tribal Influence: dresses (like this Mark dress from Avon at right), tops, shoes, bags, belts, and scarves  (Do this trend sparingly…don’t be tribal from head-to-toe.)
  3. Neutrals: use of monochromatic nudes, in clothing and accessories.
  4. Metal Studded Accessories:  belts, shoes, and purses:  This trend is img_2881.jpgeverywhere I look.  I tend to see the most of gold studs on black leather, which will add a big punch to your wardrobe.  As with most trends, only wear one studded item at a time.  DON”T OVERDO THIS TREND!!!!!!!  My favorite item for this trend is a black, gladiator style high-heel with gold studs (pictured at right, from Warren’s Shoes at the NWA Mall). GORGEOUS SHOE!!!!!
  5. 74027500156_220x220_a1.jpgRuffle Shoes, bags and tops: I love, and have always loved ruffles, and this year they are all over dressy shoes all the way to flats and yummy purses. Ruffles add such a feminine touch to your outfit so have flirty fun with this trend this Spring. (Like this ruffled beauty from Warren’s at right.)
  6. Denim dresses and skirts.
  7. Lingerie Trend:  You can wear this trend by adding a bit of lace or a bustier-inspired top or dress.  Don’t wear your favorite nightgown out of the house! (See an example at right from locally-owned Masons)
  8. dsc_6753.jpgSaddle Leather:  This trend is everywhere in bags, purses and shoes.  Love this distressed, warm leather look.  It is really complimentary to many Spring styles. 
  9. Tie/High waisted, pleated, tapered, cropped pant:  Quite a mouthful I realize, but it is the best way to describe this fun/new trend.  Paired with a basic white tee, fun jacket and sneakers or flats it is the perfect new ensemble for going into Spring.  Oh, and don’t forget the jewels to dress this look up. 
  10. Jump Suits:  Not a trend for everyone, but when you do find the right one paaaaamnnbiinmhf.jpgfor your body type it will most likely become one of your favorite go-to pieces in your wardrobe. Stick to a basic black if you jump in to this trend, then you can accessorize to funk it up and make it you. Maude Boutique in Fayetteville has an entire armoire devoted just to jumpsuits this season. (And here’s a cute suit at right from Masons.) Go check them out, and see what style suits you best.  You will be surprised how cute they really can be with the right accessories. 

Comeback Pieces to Take Into the New Year:

  1. Skinny Jeans:  These babies aren’t going anywhere this year.  Keep enjoying their versatility. 
  2. Boyfriend Blazer:  Such a great go-to piece!
  3. Boyfriend Cardigan:  Great belted over a dress or left open over a tank and boyfriend jeans.
  4. The Boyfriend Jeans.
  5. Leggings.
  6. Biker Jacket.
  7. dibai323527_178594_fs.jpgCowboy Boots: I added this one, because they really just don’t go out-of-style.  There are such cute styles around town, so have fun with it in Spring.  Just don’t cowgirl from head-to-toe. Unless, of course, you really are a cowgirl. In that case you have a free pass. 

Accessory Trends for 2010:

  1. Big Bold Silver Jewelry: Cuffs and Thick Chain Necklaces (Check out Heidi Klum’s necklace on the cover of In Style this month.)
  2. Fringe: This is mostly seen on purses. Not one of my favorite trends, but if you love it, do it sparingly on just one item of your outfit. 
  3. Scarves: This is a continuing trend, but jazz it up with some fun tribal prints and bold bright colors.
  4. Embellished Flats: There are numerous styles available in the shops around town.  Warren’s and Dillard’s had my favorites. I even spotted some cute ones on the 50% off rack at Warren’s. 
  5. Adorned Cuffs: Check out and Francesca’s at Pinnacle Promenade. 
  6. Straw Bags and Shoes: This trend seems to come back every year, but in a subtle, new way.  I have seen some great pieces pairing black patent with gold accents with the straw. I love this trend because it just screams SUMMER IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Oxford Shoes: Not my favorite trend, but could be cute with the knee-high sock trend with a cute skirt or a wide-legged pant. 
  8. Smaller Bags: This is one trend I personally will have an extremely hard time accepting. As a mom of two beautiful young daughters, I live out of my purse, so my bag probably resembles carry-on luggage. However, our backs will thank us in the end. 
  9. Tribal Jewelry:  There are great Indian-inspired pieces at Masons. Also, the Cortez Cuff on
  10. Woven Sandal:  Love this trend, especially with the flowery dress trend. I am looking for the perfect pair right now. 
  11. Platform  Heels:  They are everywhere this year. This is actually a great trend for your foot and back health.  The platform actually gives you the illusion of a higher heel without the actual incline.  Love these!!!!!!!
  12. Snakeskin: Mostly seen on shoes and bags.

smallmichelle2.JPGMichelle Thompson is mom to two beautiful daughters, Macy and Brooklyn, and is nwaMotherlode’s new Fashion Mama editor. Look for new articles from Michelle on the last Friday of the month. To read more about this local fashionista/mom/marathon runner, click here



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    Could you suggest a good place for a nearly 40 (but wanting to still be stylish) mom to shop? I’m a pretty casual dresser (Old Navy), but I’m also a fan of cute separates.

    Thanks for your advice,