Ozark Natural Foods donates $20,000 to Apple Seeds Teaching Farm

AppleSeeds-ONFIsn’t it cool to see a local company doing generous things in the community? We were thrilled to see the news about Ozark Natural Foods making a HUGE donation — as in TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS huge — to an area non-profit group called Apple Seeds. This donation was on top of a $5,000 gift they’d already given to the organization at the end of last year.

In case you don’t know about it, Apple Seeds is an organization that partners with schools and community groups to create activities that serve students and families — things like gardening clubs, school garden education, farm field trips, student-run farmers markets and even healthy snack classes. (We don’t want our kids growing up thinking that real food comes from boxes in stores or pizza chain restaurants!)

teaching farm picThese educational programs give kids the skills to grow their own food and inspires them to make healthy choices when they eat. Apple Seeds began its work in 2005 and is now managing the educational component of the Fayetteville Public School “Farm to School” program, which reaches about 6,000 students each year. Their work has resulted in an increase in the number of fruits and veggies that kids eat as well as an increase in what they know about nutrition.

The donation made yesterday by Ozark Natural Foods will help Apple Seeds realize its dream of establishing an “Teaching Farm” right in the heart of Fayetteville. ONF will also help Apple Seeds promote the farm, provide educational support and share programs. (After all, Apple Seeds is about to become ONF’s newest neighbor! The Teaching Farm will be located right next door to ONF on College Avenue.)

Here’s a preliminary drawing of what the Farm will eventually look like:

teaching farmAlexa McGriff of Ozark Natural Foods said, “Apple Seeds is creating something invaluable to the community of Northwest Arkansas, and with the support of ONF (and hopefully many other local supporters), they’ll be able to make it the best it can be. We’re happy to be a part of it.”

Our thanks to Ozark Natural Foods for continuing to be shining example of local companies doing great things for NWA. Here at nwaMotherlode, we’re always thrilled and proud when we see one of our website sponsors do incredible things that serve kids in our community as well as their families. Ozark Natural Foods has been a long-time sponsor of nwaMotherlode’s “Mealtime Mama” category which serves up new recipes for busy moms several times each month. Click here to check it out and grab a few new recipes to try.mealtimemama-ONF