Mamas’ Marketplace: Cool stuff for moms and kids

liz's son, mirror

Hi ladies! Welcome to our newest nwaMotherlode feature, Mamas’ Marketplace!

This will be a place where Gwen, Shannon and other local moms share their favorite products for kids, themselves or other members of the family (woof!). If you have a product you are LOVING right now, please let us know! Email us a mamas{at}nwaMotherlode{dot}com. Note from the mamas: This is a review, but none of the ladies referenced in this post received free product. We’re just writing about the things we’re using and loving right now!

If you have a cold right now, Motherlode co-founder Shannon recommends this product:

vicks steamThe Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer for soothing coughs and congestion.  The Vick’s smell is not super strong and it’s very comforting. There’s a spot for two “scent pads” (it comes with a couple, then you have to buy more), has a protective steam guard design, auto shut-off and a large nightlight.

“My daughter had a terrible cold a few weeks ago and this really helped soothe her and help her sleep at night,” Shannon said. “Then, when my husband and I caught the cold, too, we moved it to our room.”

Mom of three, Kim Dishongh, is recommending Norwex Cloths to everyone in sight these days. She loves them!

Kim says they’re great for taking off makeup, even waterproof mascara.

She said, “I actually bought them because the people I know who were using them had skin that looked so fresh and young. Norwex is more known for cleaning stuff. These cloths supposedly have properties that disinfect naturally and do it so well that in Norway they’re used to clean hospitals with just water.”

norwexKim said these are a good bet for people with acne or sensitive skin because no other products are necessary. She added, “They also exfoliate a little bit every time, hence the fresh young skin, I guess.”

Click here to visit the Norwex Facebook page.

Brand new mom Liz Emis has a couple of toy recommendations:

Liz said Jackson, her first baby who’s now 17 weeks old, and is primarily a visual learner, with kinestetic tendencies. She said he prefers objects to look at and movement.

So Jackson is the proud new owner of the Lamaze Monkey in the Mirror toy:

Liz says, “My son has torticollis, a condition where a stiff neck muscle makes looking both directions difficult. He prefers looking to the right. Tummy time has become essential to his physical exercise and play time, forcing him to develop the curve in his neck and turn left. As a visual learner, the mirror stimulates him with a reflection. He often laughs at it, and it allows me time to get things done around the house. Laying on the floor all day can actually be tiring for mama!”

The mirror can be found on for about $20. (See Jackson playing with his mirror in the picture at the top of this post!)

Liz is also loving the Garanimals “crinkle” book.

Liz's son, garanimals

Liz says, “The feel of the Garanimals book and its easy-to-grasp handle give him something textural to put in his mouth. Often, I’ll find him reading it. And now that knows how to roll, he frequently rolls over to grab it.”

You can find this item at Walmart for about $4.50.