Cute as a Pin

One of the many reasons we LOVE playing around on Pinterest is because we find so many things that are, well, cute as a “pin.” So here are three photos we’ve pinned on our boards. The first one is something you can buy on Etsy. The second one is something you can make. And the third one is here just to make you smile.

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Happy pinning! Enjoy your weekend!

cute as pin1There’s something about this sweet little necklace set that makes me turn into a pool of Mama Butter. The artist who makes these also has necklace sets for moms of 2 and 3 daughters, too.

cute as pin 2This online tutorial can teach you how to make a Superhero Cape (even one that is reversible.) It’s a good way to keep all the little super heroes in your life happy.

cute as pin 3 There. Are. No. Words. to describe the sweetness here.