Beauty Buzz: Great beauty gifts for tweens and teens this Christmas

Dear Andi,

My nieces are just starting to wear makeup. Do you have some fun makeup/beauty gift ideas for Christmas?

Dear Fun Aunt,

Being a preteen or teen is such a fun age for experimenting with makeup. There are no trends you are too old for. Your smooth, youthful skin glows with any shade. And, best of all, your family gets to collect blackmail photos of you that will bring them laughs for years to come.

Gift box sets with millions of options seem like the biggest waste to an adult, but to a teen it is an opportunity to try on a new personality every day. You can find the convenient gift sets everywhere around the holidays, ranging from Hello Kitty to M.A.C., but I adore the Ultra Totes for Beauty Blockbuster kit ($18 at Ulta) because of its trendy bronze bag.

bbuzz 4

bbuzz 5For the tween who wants to wear makeup like big sister or mom, but still needs to keep her sweet baby face, make her a little stocking filled with some goodies. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm ($2.99 at Target) has a light color like a lipstick, but the moisturizing benefits of a balm and it doesn’t get goopy like gloss.

Add in a blush in a bright pink because the color will resemble a natural flush, and a creamy colored eyeshadow with a little shimmer. I love Rimmel brand makeup when experimenting with colors. It is a great quality for the price and no tears will be shed when it is inevitably dropped or lost.

If your niece is getting to the age where she needs more coverage, she will be forever grateful for an introduction to Bare Minerals with the Your Starting Lineup kit, available at Ulta for $39. The natural foundation is easy to apply and difficult to overdo. I will mention that I find Bare Minerals blush and bronzed to be very saturated and can lead to the dreaded chin line for inexperienced makeup wearers.


I know its not makeup, but I adore these new products by Crayola. Apparently, like our little girls, the crayon company is also growing up and branching out into beauty products.  The Crayola Color Changing Scrubby morphs into a new shade when exposed to hot water. The Crayola Mini-nail polish kit transports me straight back to my childhood and the joy of getting a brand new box of crayons, and the bright hues are totally on trend. For your more adventurous girls, The Crayola Hair Color Stix will brighten up any coiffe. These make me wish I still had a stocking hung by the chimney!

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Have fun with it…options are the key to a budding fashionista. So, go hit the makeup aisle, assuming we are ever able to leave the house again! Seriously, four snow days and a weekend…not cool Winter, not cool.

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