Giveaway: NWA Boutique Show VIP Passes, gift certificates!

NWA boutique showIt’s almost time for the Northwest Arkansas Boutique Show and we can’t wait!

We love sponsoring this amazing shopping event every year and also seeing everyone who stops by our booth. We’re going to have a super “COOL” giveaway this year! Can you guess what it is? ;)

To celebrate the return of the boutique show, we’re giving away 5 ticket bundles to five different mamas! Woo-hoo! Each bundle includes: 2 VIP passes ($40 value), 5 general admission tickets ($15 value) and 1 $15 merchant gift certificate to be used at the show. That means the total bundle value is $70 for each of the five winners!

ABOUT THE VIP SHOPPING EVENT: Be among the very first to shop the boutique show at this VIP event benefiting the Junior League of Northwest Arkansas. It will be on Friday, Nov. 8, from 9-11 a.m. As a VIP, you’ll get first dibs on all the fabulous shopping and be treated to live music, a signature swag bag filled with goodies, a beverage from Mama Carmen’s Espresso Cafe and more! You’ll also receive free return general admission ALL weekend and the chance to win hundreds of amazing door prizes! If you want to buy tickets now, they’re $20 (just $18 if  you buy through Nov. 7 online!)

Below are shots of beautiful items from Boutique Show merchants Euna Mae’s Kitchen, Bootleg Lace,  The Little Chick, Rock City Outfitters and Lauren Embree Jewelry. Winners will receive one of these gift certificates in their ticket bundle :)

boutique EunaMae'sKitchen.Lemon Glazed Cake3 logo

Euna Mae’s Kitchen

boutique LaurenEmbreeJewelry (2)

Lauren Embree Jewelry

Rock City Outfitters

Rock City Outfitters

Bootleg Lace

Bootleg Lace

boutique TheLittleChick.Creative_Carpet-21-252x370

The Little Chick Creative

HOW TO ENTER: If you’d love to win one of FIVE VIP passes bundles, just click on the word comment below and tell us about a great Christmas gift you found for someone (or  yourself!) at a past boutique show. If you’ve never attended before (and if that’s the case, you must go this year!) tell us who you’d love to find a gift for.

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING: If you want to tilt the odds in your favor, share this giveaway with friends and family! Just be sure to CC us on the email so we’ll be able to give you “credit”. You’ll receive an extra chance of winning for each person you tell. Our email is mamas{at}nwamotherlode{dot}com or giveaways{at}nwamotherlode{dot}com.

Remember, we’ll have a booth at the Boutique Show all weekend Nov. 8-9 and we’d love to see you there. We’ll have that awesome giveaway and we’d love to meet you in person! Good luck winning one of these 5 bundles! Check your email on Friday because that’s when we’ll be choosing a winner!



  1. Kathleen says

    I bought myself two hats last year that I love and wear on days when “I just don’t get a chance to hop in the shower.” It may sound silly, but for this mama of 3 that is important. :) I can’t wait to shop this year and get some cute stuff for my kids.

  2. sarah d says

    I’d love to find a gift for my sister that’s a little different from the norm and shows off the stylish boutiques Arkansas has to offer!

  3. Amy H says

    I have never gone but would love to this year. It would be great to find a special gift for my mother and my sister.

  4. AngieC says

    Love the Boutique Show! I’ve found handmade jewelry for many, ruffle bottom baby diaper covers for friend’s babes, and this year for sure I’m buying a large wooden monogram for SIL’s front door!

  5. Leslie Harvey says

    My daughter loves American Girl dolls and I have found cute clothes and shoes for her dolls the last two years.

  6. Angela Howrey says

    I purchased two repurposed Arkansas scarves for my nieces for Christmas. Oh, and of course, one for myself! Lol I love to shop at this show and could definitely use some free passes:)

  7. Mandy says

    I love going to the show with friends. Last year I went and grabbed some baby items for a shower. I loved the custom burp rags

  8. says

    I got some awesome scarves last year at the Joyn booth! Can’t wait to go again this year! And going for free would make it even better :-)

  9. Hannah Carter says

    I would love to shop for my mom! She has everything, but I think the boutique show will have something unique and perfect to wow her!

  10. Kelli Hafen says

    I’ve never been but would love to find some cute gifts for my daughter, mom and grandma ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Angie says

    Traditionally, I go with my mom, sister in law and nieces. I always shop around with them, then sneak away and buy their Christmas gifts based on what I saw them like! It is so fun. The past two years I’ve gotten my pre-teen niece some cute jewelry and I LOVE knowing she’ll like her gift. :)

  12. says

    I bought my mom a great scarf with a beautiful silver slider on it. I loved it so much I bought one for myself. She loved it and asked me to find her another one this year.

  13. Cara Gulledge says

    I have bought stuff for me in the past, of coarse. I love to get the soup mixes for stocking stuffers or work gifts. Last year I got my fashionable daughter cute jewelry and headbands. I didn’t shop VIP last year and would love to this year, because I am sure there were things that I needed.

  14. Amy says

    I always find cute things for my kids! I found some cute AR shirts as well as a couple of Christmas shirts for them.

  15. Angie says

    I purchased a very old Window that had a Razorback painted on the glass. I love it and have received tons of compliments on it.

  16. Kristy S. says

    I bought the cutest snowman candy cane holder for my mother-in-law. My son actually picked it out!

  17. Sharon says

    I am hoping to go for the first time this year. I would like to find something special for my Mother and Mother in Law.

  18. jessica hunt says

    I just moved to the area, so I am super excited to shop this year! I would love to find all the women in my family gifts at the show!

  19. Kelly says

    Haven’t had the chance to go in years past. Hoping to come with my T1D Mom’s galpals this year! I’d love to shop for my niece and Mom!

  20. Mischelyn says

    I bought several items last year, but my favorite was probably a wooden block nativity set. I had been looking for something simple and it was perfect! I can’t wait to go again this year!

  21. Sara says

    I found great hair bows and accessories for stocking stuffers, a scarf for my mom and adorable picture frames for teacher gifts.

  22. Marcia Fortin says

    Last year I bought some cute boutique items for my granddaughters. This year I hope to buy something for my daughter, daughter in-laws, and granddaughters. If I am lucky, I might find something for the boys of the family.

  23. Monica J says

    This would be so fun to attend with friends! I’d like to find the perfect gift for my sister- she loves crafty things. :)

  24. Katie Barger says

    I would love to find a Christmas present for my mom and teacher friends. I went last year and it was such an awesome show! They have some of the best and unique things I have ever seen. I hope I’m winner!! Plus, my sister and I love spending time together at this show!

  25. Alicia Knotts says

    Last year was the first year I attended and I took my mom for “Girl’s Night”. We had such a great time and I bought these beautiful handmade charms for my daughters for Christmas. They absolutely loved them!! I would love to win tickets and do it all over again!!!

  26. Jessica says

    I bought a cute vintage chalkboard for my daughter 2 years ago along with several accessories last year. I love this show!

  27. Kellie Sprouse says

    I bought all the girls in my family jewelry for Christmas. There were so many choices to fit every taste. As a mom of two, i”d love a night out with some of my other mommy friends. :) perfect time to purchase things for others ….. And ourselves of course.


    Gigi (myself) got the most darling leggings for my little Emmy and cute puppy dog knit cap for unborn baby Malachi along with other gifts for my Daughter and Son. Best of all made some great friends with vendors to shop from all year long. Can’t wait to what’s out there this year for all my babies.

  29. says

    I’m very excited to come to the show this year. It will be my first time to make it, and I am really looking forward to getting some cute baby stuff for my sister’s baby, as well as find something for my crazy craft-loving MIL. :) See ya in November!

  30. Brittney says

    I always end up finding at least 1 Christmas gift when I go. LOVE the unique gifts, but I’m always a sucker for the ornaments!

  31. Dara Goad says

    I drive over 4 hours for this Event. I found lots of Christmas presents and I love the Pink tomato boutique. I can not wait till this event.

  32. Jennifer says

    I was able to buy Christmas gifts for both my sister in law and mother in law at last years event! I got my sister in law an adorable hat it was just what she had been looking for. I got my mother in law some beautiful and very unique jelwery. Christmas was a success both loved what they got! :)

  33. Cheryl Villines says

    This will be my first year to attend the show! My twin sister and I have been raving about all of the cute stuff we’ve seen on Facebook! I would most definitely look for a Chriatmas gift for my sis! This event looks like so much fun! Can’t believe I had never heard of it before this year! But I’ve informed all of my friends on Facebook and a lt of my friends and family should be attending! We are looking forward to a girls night out!

  34. Ashdon says

    I’ve never been but I’d love to go and find something for my younger sister who is heading off to college!

  35. Holland Hayden says

    I would LOVE to find a great gift for my mother. She’s been a care taker to my father this year as he fights against stage 4 bladder cancer. She deserves the perfect gift that says “I love you” and “thanks”! She’s a one-of-a-kind woman who needs a one-of-a-kind gift.

  36. Samantha Towles says

    Ive’ve never been, but can’t wait to go!! I want to find something special and unique for my mother. I want something you don’t see everyday.

  37. Randall says

    I love visiting swanky sooie and The Pink Lilly!
    I bought several things from both vendors!! Best of all is shopping with my best friends though!!

  38. Magan Randall says

    I loved buying from swanky sooie and The Pink Lilly last year! The boutique show is a ball and its so much fun to shop with my best friends!

  39. Christy Harrison says

    I bought a wonderful necklace a couple of years ago with my kids’ names on it. I wear it almost every day.

  40. sarah says

    I found the cutest razorback wall plaque that says keep calm and beat _____(fill in the new team name weekly)! I would love to go again this year!

  41. Beth walker says

    I would love to super cute unique gift for my daughter, one of my sisters, or mother n law.

  42. Jeanie says

    I purchased JUNK headbands for myself and my daughter for our workouts. These keep your hair out of your face and the sweat off your brow and they are cute too.

  43. Jennifer stroud says

    I found the cutest little outfits for my son and daughter for Christmas last year! I love seeing all the special and unique items!

  44. Jennifer Dickerson says

    I bought all the little “nieces” in my life leg warmers last year! It was my first time attending, but that was my favorite item purchased. They all loved them – they were so adorable!

  45. Cassie Webster says

    I’ve never been, so I would love to go with my friend and find beautiful for my two daughters.

  46. Teri Cabell says

    Well, I am having my first grandchild in December and am making a bedroom just for the baby for when she comes to visit. I have never been to the show, but would love to attend and purchase some unique items for McKenzie to play with and to decorate the room in. Plus, this will be her first Christmas!!!! I am so excited!!!

  47. Abby says

    I bought my mother in law a magnetic photo holder with magnets on it to keep pictures of her grand kids! It was super cute!!

  48. Kara says

    I haven’t bee n to the boutique event before, so don’t have a favorite gift, but would love to check it out and see what’s there!

  49. Jennifer Mitchael says

    I have gone for the past 3 years and find LOTS of Christmas gift each time! Last year, I found cute recipe cards and note cards as well as some very unique hair pins! SO excited!

  50. Jennifer D says

    Last year was the first time I attended this show, and I had a wonderful time. My girlfriends and I went to the Girls Night Out, and it was so much fun! I bought lots of great things, but my favorite thing I purchased was ruffled leg warmers for all of my nieces. They were absolutely adorable and were a big hit!

  51. Kerri says

    Would love to go and find my niece something fashionable. Always on the look out for something unique

  52. Jessica Netherton says

    I found a super cute clutch purse for my SIL last year! Would be so fun to win for the VIP night!!!

  53. says

    2 years ago I bought my aunt, who is unfortunately an Alabama fan, an adorable houndstooth wreath with red accents for Christmas. She loved it! I’ve also gotten my daughter some of the cutest little bows and dresses!!

  54. Kiersten garibaldi says

    I’ve bought cute tee shirts, cookie cutters, gifts for teachers and mother in law. Lots of unique gifts.

  55. Jana says

    I always find great teacher Christmas gifts at the Boutique show! I would love to win the VIP bundle package!

  56. Kimberly Buck says

    I would love to find a gift for my sister-in-law. She is so stylish, and I find it intimidating to pick anything out for her!

  57. Ashlee Kimbel says

    I bought super cute wallets for a few of the girls in my family a couple years ago and they all loved them. They were also cheaper than anywhere else that I had seen them so it was an even better win!!

  58. Sandra Perrodin says

    I’ve never been and would shop for my daughter-in-law or my two fabulous granddaughters!

  59. Stephanie says

    This is a great place to find unique gifts for family and friends for the holidays. I like giving something unique that can’t be found just any where. I usually pick up my teacher gifts here too. Got both there last year. Love it!

  60. May says

    This sounds like so much fun. I would love to attend and find some great accessories for my daughter and myself.

  61. Brittnie says

    Never been to the show, but I would love to change that!! I would love to get 75% of my Christmas shopping done in one day at the show

  62. Kimberly Cook says

    Last year I bought four glass ornaments for each of my children to add to their own Christmas trees

  63. Angela Howrey says

    I purchased two repurposed Arkansas scarves for my nieces. Oh, and one for myself. Lol I love shopping at this show and could definitely use free passes:)

  64. Angie Shadduck says

    I have never been! I would love to go find cute things for my daughter, and all the teachers, coaches, etc. Also- if would be great to get some cute things for my mom and mother in law since they are so hard to shop for!

  65. Darcel says

    I have never been and I would love to go this year. I have a friend who is having triplets and I would love to get her something unique for the babies. Also I have an niece and a new nephew I would lilke to get something for that is different than the stores have.

  66. jane says

    I have never been to the show before, but would love to go! My grandmother is always impossible to by for… she has everything! I could definitely find something she doesn’t have at the show!

  67. Sharon H. says

    Im so excited to be going for the first time. I want to get chevron everything for the ladies on my Christmas list!

  68. Ann says

    My mother-in-law and I go every year and have the best time. We do a lot of Christmas shopping while there. I bought my nieces tile necklaces one year. I know they loved them because they wore them a lot.

  69. Betina says

    I bought so many awesome gifts there last year, but my favorite was the scarf I gave a friend. I would love to win this bundle!

  70. Nicole Anderson says

    Bought a cute sweater for myself and baby onesies for a friend. I can’t wait to see all the great stuff this year!

  71. Jennifer Starkey says

    I bought some amazing stuff for my house and a fantastic gift for my hard to please mother in law. ;) can’t wait to go again this year!!

  72. Fre Breathitt says

    Last year, I was able to find some cute things for my favorite girl. Can’t wait to see what the show has to offer this year.

  73. Ashley says

    I’ve never been to this event. But I’m giving it a try this year. I’m expecting a baby at the first of the year so I must get all my shopping done early this year!

  74. Kristen Stout says

    I bought my daughter 3 pairs of leg warmers. My favorite pair were black and white chevron with light pink chiffon ruffles at the bottom. She has worn them over and over again. They are of excellent quality. I would love to win to buy more goodies for her and me;)!

  75. Amanda Swope says

    I found a bracelet for my sister in law last year. This year I can’t wait to shop for my new niece!

  76. Marian says

    I have found some cute jewelry and watches that make great gifts. I would love to be able to go again.

  77. Jennifer says

    This show not only gets me in the Christmas spirit but gives me tons of ides for peple on my list . I have gotten wonderful hand made scrapbooks , children cloths , childresns furniture ,and food items .
    I am especially excited about @eunamaes ,love everything she has posted that she will be selling at her booth !! Way cute! Thank u for helping support this event !!i look forward to it every year

  78. Melissa says

    Last year I purchased the cutest woven animal hats for my kids. Definitely one of a kind, and why I look forward to this event so much!

  79. talisa says

    Ihave never been due to being away for college the past four years. I would love to fibd the peefect guft for my mom!

  80. Savanah says

    I’ve never been! But aside from Christmas coming up, so is my mom’s sixtieth birthday- so I’m on the lookout for something special!

  81. Rachel says

    last year I bought cute coasters and jewelry for my Bunco group gifts. This year I’m shopping for my new baby girl due Nov 14….assuming I’m not in labor and can make it to the show ;)

  82. Wendi says

    I found the perfect gift for my mother-in-law at last year’s show: Gwen Rockwood’s Reporting Live from the Laundry Pile: The Rockwood Files Collection (Volume 1)!

  83. Stephanie says

    I bought some really great seasonings last year for holiday cooking and some hair decorations last year. Really looking forward to this year and more prepared for what to look for.

  84. Hollye says

    My goal is to find a unique and special gift for my mom. I’m really looking forward to shopping at the show this year!!

  85. Anna says

    Two years ago I got a bunch of my girlfriends those knitted headbands/ear warmers and they all loved them!! I can’t wait for the boutique show this year!!

  86. Lyndsey S says

    I bought two bows for my nieces last year. Now I have a little girl of my own. I can’t wait to shop for her at the show!!!

  87. Laura says

    I got my daughter a great pair of leg warmers in zebra last year. They were adorable and i was able to sneak away and buy them without her realizing, She was pleasantly suprised on Christmas morning.

  88. Lindsay McGarity says

    I found a great owl lamp for my daughter a few years ago! I’d LOVE to go with some friends this year!

  89. Cammi Hevener says

    I found a GREAT hat for myself last year and a hat and scarf set that was adorable for my sister! Would LOVE to be able to go again this year! FrEE passes would be excellent!!

  90. Stephanie says

    We recently moved to NWA and I heard that this is THE place to shop for Christmas gifts. I would love to attend to see the different merchants’ items.

  91. bree says

    I have never been – but would loveeee to go with my mother and my daughter – my daughter was a miracle baby and I would love to buy something so so sweet and special for her! :)

  92. Jessica brown says

    I always find so many unique treasures at this event. Last year I bought fun shirts, jewelry, hair accessories, and this year I can’t wait to look at items for my new granddaughter to be born in march

  93. Emily says

    I would love to find a gift for my sister, I drew her name in our Christmas gift drawing this year:)

  94. Jessica Hensley-Burns says

    This will be my first year attending and I’m so excited! I hope to be able to find gifts for my beautiful, hard to shop for, 14 year old daughter. She loves clothes and fashion and local boutiques so hopefully I will score big at the NWA Boutique Show!

  95. Chandra says

    Last year my mom and I got some very cute Razorback shirts and some Christmas tree ornaments. Would love to go back this year and find more goodies!

  96. Cassie says

    My favorite gift to buy is from Twig and Twang they have these great metal razorbacks that everyone Loves!

  97. Lori Kirkland says

    Last year I got an engraved platter for my newly married sister with her new last name and the date of the wedding from Engravings Unlimited, she loved it! I also got my son’s preschool teachers Razorback Ornaments. I can’t wait to see what I’ll find this year.

  98. Jennifer Seals says

    Been a while since i have shopped at this event. I Love looking at the new things and am looking forward to this event!!!!!!! I Love finding extrodinary items that are exciting and new and different!!!!

  99. Tiarra Villarreal says

    I found some gifts for my step dad last year that were of his favorite football team! He loved them ! I hope to find something special for my mom this year. I plan to take her so I will be watching for what she points out! :)

  100. Olivia says

    Last year, I got the SWEETEST African doll for my niece from Nehemiah’s wall. The cool thing is the doll was named after and benefited a little girl in Malawi, who I was able to meet just 6 months prior when I was in Malawi! Love that the boutique show includes vendors that are supporting the less fortunate! Please pick me so I can buy another doll for my Malawi inspired guest room!!!

  101. Brittany F says

    Never been, but I am super excited to go this year! I plan to take my sweet momma for her birthday and let her pick out her bday gift!! I also hope to find many Christmas gifts there!! Hurry up November 8th!

  102. Latosha Morris says

    I have never been but looking forward to going and bringing my sister from out of town for a girls day of fun shopping!!!!

  103. Thipp says

    I’Found my daughter’s favorite Hog dress a few years ago there and would like to find a new fave!!

  104. Temme says

    I have never been and I am so excited to go! I am looking forward to buying gifts for all the mothers in my life! I love supporting local and small business!

  105. Isabelle H says

    My mom bought some really cute things for my baby sister last year. Id like to go with her this time!

  106. Brandy says

    I have never been! And would love to go this year and find some cool unique gifts for my mom and sister!!

  107. Karen baker says

    I have never been but I would love to find special gifts for my two beautiful daughters!!!

  108. Monica says

    I got my daughter a leather journal from Engravings Unlimited, my bestie fell in love with it so I got her one as well, got my mother in law Damona Stockton Bowerman a scarf, got myself a cutting board, got the dogs awesome soap, got my mom some dips and seasonings. This is something my mother in law and I do annually….this is our 3rd year and we loooove it!!!! We’re taking Friday off!!! Weeeeeeee ♥ ♥ ♥

  109. Stacy says

    I have never been to the event before. I will have to go. I would love to find the perfect gift for my mom. She is the best lady ever. Love her so much.