Giveaway: $100 shopping spree at Rhea Lana’s!

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If you’ve lived in Northwest Arkansas for even a little while, we know you’ve heard about the semi-annual Rhea Lana Children’s Consignment Sale which offers great children’s essentials at excellent prices.

If you’re new to the area — or  Rhea Lana — it’s basically a HUGE sale where moms can find high quality children’s clothing, children’s furniture, nursery bedding, maternity clothing, nursing accessories, and infant equipment (such as strollers, high chairs, car seats and portable cribs) at consignment prices. They also sell super nice toys, children’s books, video games and sports accessories.

And guess what, mamas? We’re giving away a $100 gift card to shop the Rhea Lana Spring Sale! Think about how far that $100 will go at Rhea Lana’s great consignment prices! (Keep reading to find out how to throw your name in the hat for this giveaway!)

This year’s spring sale will be held in a 100,000 square-foot heated warehouse. That’s lots of of room to spread out the racks, furniture, equipment, toys and PLENTY of room to shop! It’s right off of I-540 and the Porter Road exit. There is also plenty of parking and admission is always free. (Click here to visit the Rhea Lana Facebook page where you’ll find sneak peeks of some of the merchandise and clothing that will be available at the sale!)

The Rhea Lana Spring 2013 Event:

  • March 3-9 (times vary)
  • 2075 N. Shiloh Dr.
  • Fayetteville

HOW TO ENTER: If you’re itching to win this $100 gift card to shop at the upcoming Rhea Lana Children’s Consignment Sale, just click on the orange button below and tell us about one of the most impressive deals you’ve ever snagged at a past Rhea Lana event or about something you’d love to find at the upcoming spring sale.

You can also email your answer to us at All giveaways winners are always chosen at random so anyone can win.

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ABOUT THE RHEA LANA CONSIGNMENT SALE This consignment sale has high quality children’s clothing, toys, sports equipment, furniture and more. (Click here to visit the website.)

The most popular name brand clothes you’ll find at the sale are Gymboree, Ralph Lauren, Hollister, American Eagle, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, and Nike. The most popular boutique brands to look for are Baby Lulu, Baby Nay, Hanna Andersson, Zutano, Anavini smocked dresses, My Vintage Baby, and Cach Cach.

Rhea Lana’s most popular toys are Little Tikes outdoor playgrounds, Racing Car beds, Kitchens, Doll Houses, Tool Benches, Barbie Jeeps, Brio wooden train sets, and American Girl Dolls and accessories. They also carry beautiful nursery furniture and bedding, cradles, car seats, strollers, high chairs, exer-saucers and walkers.

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS: To increase your odds of winning the $100 gift card, email your friends and family to let them  know about this giveaway. Just be sure to put on the CC line of your note so we can give you proper credit.

BE SOCIAL: Spread the word via social media and we’ll give you extra chances as well. Just share the giveaway with your friends on Facebook (click here to go see the post on our Facebook page and share from there) or share about the giveaway on Twitter to increase your odds of winning. If you do either of these things, just let us know in your posted comment or send us an email so we can give you proper credit.

Good luck and we’ll see you at the Rhea Lana’s Consignment Sale!




  1. Noel says

    The best deal I’ve snagged at Rhea Lana – for $7, we grabbed an absolutely adorable Disney toddler outfit – Tigger and Pooh exploring the outdoors on a pair of khaki slacks, green long-sleeved thermal, and blue jean jacket with furry collar. The original tags were still on it and my son has worn it completely out!! We’re expecting our third child in July and will know the gender by the next Rhea Lana so a $100 gift card would go a long way!

  2. says

    I love getting “fancy” dresses for cheap, because the odds are good my daughter won’t want to wear them for whatever holiday I envisioned them to be for and she will want to wear them to play in. I’m not afraid to let her wear a $6 dress to the park, even if it originally cost $30 or more.

  3. Linda Hesson says

    My grandson just here into 9-month clothes and will not be in them for long; they don’t have much for him in 12-month or above either. He will also be needing a bigger bed. My daughter-in-law also has dons that are 8 and 10. I think this would be the perfect excuse for a road trip to visit my niece in Fayetteville.

  4. Melinda says

    Wish I could attach a pic! We found a custom Pillow that matches perfect my daughters paris themed room..

  5. Angie C says

    I always find great clothes for both kids, and toys for my 2 y/o last Fall (Christmas gifts!)… also made some great $$$ selling in the Fall sale! Love NWA Motherlode and Rhea Lana!!

  6. Stephanie says

    Last time I shopped at Rhea Lanas I bought so much stuff for less than $40. Best shopping ever.I would love to find some 6-9 months clothes for my son and 4t for my Daughter this time around :)

  7. says

    I got the cutest monster Halloween costume at Rhea Lana’s last year and hope I can find another cute costume again. It was originally $50 brand new online but only $10 at Rhea Lana’s (pre-half price sale). What a good deal! Love RL’s!

  8. Savanah says

    Never been to a Rhea Lana sale, but with a son starting kindergarten in the fall, I’d love to find some school clothes!

  9. Mindi Littleton says

    I got an incredible doll house for my little girl last Rhea Lana and I’m so looking forward to seeing what I find at the next one. $100 would be such a blessing.

  10. Shannon says

    I’m new to Rhea Lana’s but I’ve heard it’s fantastic. I’d like to find swimsuits for my big kids and summer bodysuits for my newborn!

  11. Dana Baran says

    My husband and I found two adorable Christmas outfits for our baby girl for only two dollars a piece at the half price sale last fall. We were so excited…she looked so adorable in all our Christmas pics!

  12. Wendy Pruitt says

    I love this consignment sale. I would love to find some dressier spring clothes for my seven year old twins

  13. Kristie Muro says

    At the fall sale I found awesome deals on pants for my 4 year old along with a great deal on a children’s palace jacket that looked brand new. This sale I hoping to find good deals on shorts for him and lots of baby things for the baby we have due in August (especially since we find out what the baby is beginning of march)

  14. Jennifer says

    I can not say enough how much I love Rhea Lana’s. I have two new little ones in my home and I am excited to find some great bargains for them and for my children.

  15. kelli myers says

    I buy most of my kids clothes at Rhea Lana’s and I don’t have to pay much for nice name brand clothes. I always enjoy going, its so neat that its a one stop shopping spree.

  16. Pam Lewis says

    I always find great deals for my kids ! I would love
    To find some great summer dresses for my girls.

  17. Amanda says

    I love Rhea Lana.i would have to say my best buy is a high chair. We have lots of kids coming and going from our home so I love to stock up on all sizes of clothes and toys so each child has stuff to call their own. I am looking to buy a stroller hopefully a double stroller

  18. Rhonda says

    I love shopping for my grandchildren at the Rhea Lana sales!! The best find ever for me was a Pink furry coat for my oldest granddaughter a few years ago. She absolutely loved it!! And so did I. THANKS Rhea Lana!!

  19. Kathleen says

    I bought six Disney Princess dresses for my three year old before our trip to Disney World. Total: $24!!! She has been in love with each one for weeks at a time. :)

    This sale I am looking for baby stuff for #3. ;)

    I shared on FB and tweeted.

  20. Erin Mohney says

    I love Rhea Lana’s when I first found out that I was pregnant I had no maternity clothes or baby clothes. I found 4 outfits for myself for less than $40. And plenty of newborn outfits for under $30! I am now a regular Consignor and Shopper of Rhea Lana’s and encourage others to do the same!

  21. Lisa Wilkerson says

    I have never been to one but would love to come if I had the money :) Sounds like lots of people get good deals!

  22. Debi Anderson says

    I look for clothes for my two granddaughters that live in Peru. The seasons are reversed so it’s fun thinking ahead.

  23. Celesta McLaughlin says

    I love volunteering at Rhea Lana’s Sales in NWA. I ALWAYS find incredible deals for all my children. I know every parent faces the challenge of making that paycheck cover everything your sweet babies need. Volunteering allows me to shop at the pre-sale and ensures I get the best deals possible. That, combined with consigning the goodies my kids have already outgrown, means I am never upset and worrying over what they’ll have to wear when they go out the door.

  24. Amanda Forrest says

    I snagged a practically brand new crib mattress and a brand new changing table mattress for a grand total of *drum roll* $12!!!! Love Rhea Lana’s!!

  25. Kimberly Strickland says

    I’ve been a Rhea Lana deditcatrd shopper for 5+ years! I’ve gotten lots of dresses, furniture, maternity clothes and most recently nursing covers for baby #2!!!! And I can’t wait to find adorable baby boy clothes!!!! Ready to shop with all my preggo mommy friends too!!!

  26. Kim Oxford says

    I love love love this sale!!! It’s amazing!! I buy my daughter entire wardrobe. The best part is the clothes donated goes to a local charity! Thank you Ashley for doing this sale

  27. Rachael Price says

    My daughter has a lovely Petit Ami dress that I snagged for under ten dollars before she was born. :).

  28. Danielle says

    Best deal I found was the “Your Baby Can Read” DVD set for $7.00! Love Rhea Lana’s and can’t wait to see what I find this time.

  29. Amy Maness says

    My favorite find was a high-end pink dress with a tulle skirt for $6. It’s the perfect dress for my little princess.

  30. Ashley D. says

    The best deal I find most every season at Rhea Lana’s is a wardrobe of adorable clothes for both of my girls for close to $100, rarely more! Yay for bargains!

  31. Kasey Anderson says

    I absolutely love Rhea Lana! Last year I scored a BRAND NEW (still had tags on it) Ralph Lauren 3 piece dress that was originally $50 for $4!!

  32. Leah Bates says

    Wow-I have gotten SO many great deals at Rhea Lana it is hard to choose just one. At the last sale I found a fetal Doppler (like the OB uses) for $20, and my 6 and 4 year old LOVE listening to the new baby’s heartbeat in my belly!

  33. Christina Lawless says

    Some of my favorite past Rhea Lana deals are my daughter’s first little pair of Keds for $3, winter coats for $5, a whole winter wardrobe for her for like $50 tops. Since I’ve discovered Rhea Lana’s I never miss it and even travel to the other local ones in the area! :)

  34. Melanie C. says

    I have gotten many fabulous deals, but the last sale I got a brand new pair of tiny Toms for my baby girl that was due in three weeks! I love working and shopping at this sale!

  35. Kelly Magee says

    I have found so many deals for my baby it’s amazing. But the best was my baby’s Christmas dress for this past Christmas. It was from Dillards and typically $65-$70 and in brand new condition for $3. I was so excited and her pics turned out perfect. I also found a pair of brand new Nike tennis shoes for her that we’re originally $40 for $5. Amazing! She is always dressed stylish and in mostly name brand clothes and it all comes from Rhea Lana for a fraction of the cost. I wouldn’t be able to afford for her to have such nice things if it weren’t for this sale. I am a struggling, single mom, and all of her baby equipment came from there as well. I’m so thankful!

  36. Jordon Harris says

    I have gotten so many awesome deals! Last Spring I got a rocking horse that sings for $8!!! I was so excited :). I get so many clothes for my two kids at a great price.. It can’t be beat!! This sale I am looking for shoes and an easy bake oven. Happy shopping!

  37. says

    The most impressive thing I’ve found are brand new outfits with tags for less than $10. All name brand clothing. I always stock my kids next season of cloting from Rhea Lana’s. I love it!

  38. Beth Neff says

    Really really hoping to score some great deals on cloth diapers and baby gear to prep for my June baby!

  39. says

    I have gotten a lot of great deals at RL-NWA. One of my favorites was a pair of Kenneth Cole dress shoes for my 5yr old, for $6 – I had just bought nearly IDENTICAL shoes (just a different color) for $36 online a month before – and they were in perfect condition. I’ve also gotten my daughter a bike for $18, a gorgeous velvet Christmas dress for $3. I don’t see much point in shopping elsewhere when I can go to RL! :D

  40. Kelly W says

    I love finding most of my kids’ clothes there and desperately need to find a double stroller this year!

  41. Christie says

    Love the deals I get on toys and equipment at RL. Looking for some spring clothes this time around! I shared the giveaway on twitter @christienwa.

  42. heather says

    we just moved into a house with a backyard and would love to find some outdoor toys for my two girls

  43. Lora says

    There are too many great deals to pick just one! I didn’t find out about Rhea Lana’s until after I had my second child, so I am super excited to get to shop for baby equipment now that we are pregnant with #3!

  44. Sheilah Cornwell says

    I love being able to dress my children for 1/2 the price or less than 1/2 the price of the retail stores. I found the cutest razorback cheerleader uniform for my daughter for $5! Now I just have to wait for her to grow into it. LOL

    I would LOVE to have this shopping spree!

  45. Elizabeth McKinley says

    I never thought I would look forward to these sales like I do. The first one I went to, I found a bouncer for my baby. Great price, clean, and the staff/volunteers ere so helpful to me. This is something I look forward to each season as I always seem to find great items for my daughter!

  46. Robyn says

    We picked up a fabulous little outfit with a skirt and top new with tags for 1/5 the price on the original tags. We got two seasons out of the skirt and just passed the whole outfit on to a friend from church.

  47. Cherry says

    I’ve gotten several great deals at the Rhea Lana sales… Breast pump for $50, gate for $10, lots of baby and maternity clothes! Love the Rhea Lana sale! Really hope to win the $100!

  48. Karyn Zaremba says

    Shopping for my grandchildren who just moved here from a warmer climate and live way out in the boonies…no washer so they need a lot of extra clothes between trips to town. We need lots of sturdy, comfy clothes…and this is the best way to do that…great clothes at great prices.

  49. Bianca Havens says

    I got a Maya wrap for only 10 bucks and I have gotten several really adorable pairs of Robezz!
    I go to every Rhea Lana sale and buy for my little guy he is growing so fast so I love Rhea Lana’s for saving us so much money!

  50. Valerie Holman says

    My 1st born is turning One Year Old in March! I can’t wait to see look for awesome items for her gifts as she reaches this major milestone in her life! I’m also looking out for a great light weight stroller:) Time for that bulky one to go away!

  51. Crystal Ryder says

    I would love to find a jogging stroller for two kids. I run 25 miles a week and running with two kids in a regular stroller is hurting my back. A jogging stroller would also be more comfortable for the kids.

  52. Darcie Dean says

    Last year I got a beautiful pea coat for my 9 year old son for just $10. This year I need to find baby girl stuff like a jogging stroller and a glider since I’m due in May. $100 could go a long way towards those things!!

  53. Talena Keeler says

    I’ve found so many amazing item but the best has to be 3 complete sets of ‘original’ G.i. Joe men. I love the Rhea Lana Sale.

  54. Misty Metcalf says

    I shop every Rhea Lana’s in the area. It’s something I look forward to each time! One of my many awesome finds was a $15 jogging stroller at the new Siloam sale last year! Can’t beat $15!!!

  55. Krystin Schrieber says

    I can’t think of one single awesome find I have found at Rhea Lana’s!!! These sales with all these amazing deals of great quality are what I look forward to especially buying for 3 boys!!!!

  56. angela howard says

    I loved getting invited to the half off presale! I scored motherhood maternity shirts that were like new for $5 or less!! Love that!

  57. Sue says

    Must get shirts and shorts for summer and want Rhea Lana’s quality items so they will hold up and resell.

  58. Stephanie says

    I went on a Friday, when items were 1/2 off. I found two beautiful Christmas dresses that wound up costing me $3.50 total! Talk about a major find – especially since the tags were still on one of them!

  59. Sonya Kirsch says

    The best deal I ever got at the Rhea Lana’s sale was my daughter’s full size bed for $150., mattress frame and all.

  60. Crystal says

    Our fourth child was a suprise and we had gotten rid of everything. We were able to get everything we needed from car seat to clothes for under $300. My best deal was a brand new Rumparooz cloth diaper with two inserts for $5.

  61. Rachel says

    I don’t know about any one particular thing standing out because everything has always been a great deal. I have dressed my two and four year old for FREE since birth by buying and selling at Rhea Lana’s.

  62. Kristina Kahrl says

    In the fall I had a few things to sell and made about $80 I turned around and spent $80 on both my boys and they were fully clothed for winter it was amazing !!

  63. Natasha Ratliff says

    Brand new Nikes for my son for $4.50!! I love it when u can sell ur old stuff and then bring home new, without really being out of pocket any money.

  64. Tresa says

    This is my first child and my first experience with Rhea Lana’s and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m early in my pregnancy so I’m hoping to find some deals on maternity clothes and maybe some gender neutral items.

  65. Mandy Bramall says

    The best trip I had to Rhea Lana’s I went home with a pretty much brand new Medela breast pump normally around $300 for only $95. I also was able to get many of the most expensive baby things for a fraction of the price, all in good, clean, working condition!

  66. Brittnie says

    I always get steals at Rhea Lana’s. My favorite is half-price Fridays. I can spend $50 and buy a whole seasons worth of clothes!!

  67. Sheila says

    I do not want this for myself, but for my wonderful mother who is raising my neice and nephew (3 and 6). She could have opted out of taking over their care and my husband and I would have taken the task, however she never wanted us to have to accept this responsibilty just as we were getting our own children up, out of college, married and having our own grandchild. She truely an inspiration and deserves this shpping spree. They are growing like weeds and she could use the help.

  68. Jennifer says

    AHHHH! Where to start? I am so IN LOVE with Rhea Lana’s!!!! I have been going now for 6 years! This will be my 12th? sale! I always feel like I have stolen something when I leave b/c the deals I get are sooo amazing. This past sale I purchased a pair of very gently worn UGGs for my 4 year old for only $25.00! My daughters are always decked out in Polo, Gap, and boutique brands. We also snagged some Joe’s jeans for $5.00! Don’t even get me started on all the money I walk away with in my pocket from all the great stuff that I’ve sold. What a fantatic event to have in our backyard!!!!

  69. Erika says

    I haven’t been to a Rhea Lana event yet, but I plan to go this year. I can’t wait to see all of the baby girl items.

  70. Angela Grimmett says

    I have participated in the Rhea Lana sales for 4 years. I can always count on finding adorable clothing for my 3 girls and make money on their clothes that they have grown out of at the same time. Thanks to Rhea Lana my children look great and so does my checkbook!

  71. Ashley says

    Favorite one-stop shopping experience! Hope to find some good deals on my older boys’ spring clothes & splurge on my two-year old girls’ shoes…she loves shoes!

  72. April Smith says

    I got a Santa Suit for my 3 month old, and 2 pairs of Robeez for 7.50 total in the half-price sale!! Love Rhea Lana’s!

  73. says

    I am very excited about the Rhea Lana’s event coming up! I have heard GREAT things about it but am moving to the area so I actually get to see how amazing it truly is first hand! I am hoping to find a nice high chair, bedding, and lots of infant/newborn items! I am so excited!

  74. says

    I am very excited about the Rhea Lana’s event coming up! I have heard GREAT things about it but am moving to the area so I actually get to see how amazing it truly is first hand!

  75. Heather says

    I’m a foster mom so many times I have had to cloth children with little or no notice. Unfortunately, I am not in a position that I can go and buy all new clothes for every child. Because that is no fault of their own I still think these special kiddos deserve to look and dress their best! When shopping at Rhea Lana’s I always stock up on brand name tennis shoes and jeans in great condition. I also really appreciate that several Rhea Lana cosigners choose to donate those items to local foster families. It’s always such a blessing to be able to cloth children that often have little. Thank you cosigners!

  76. says

    I love Rhea Lana’s! We consign my son’s ” oh, that’s SO last year” clothes and purchase a new wardrobe and still manage to make money in the process.
    I think his favorite deal ever were a pair of high-top Chucks for $5.

  77. Kirsten coday says

    I haven’t been yet but I am so excited to go ! We are expecting a baby girl this summer so ready to start getting her wardrobe!!!

  78. Meredith says

    I would love to find some dresses for my daughter!! In the past I have found a lot of new outfits for little money!!

  79. Cheryl W says

    I love Rhea Lana fairs! I try to go to each one in NWA. I don’t really have a favorite deal because I love all the deals I get! I love getting like-new jeans for my toddlers for $4, jammies for $1.50 on 1/2 price day and tons of other great clothes for awesome prices!

  80. Annie says

    I heard about Rhea Lana sales before I even had a baby. Met Ashley at the World’s Largest Baby Shower in 2011 and started volunteering to work the sales right before I became a mom. So many great deals there – my son has the most stylish wardrobe at a fraction of the cost. Through volunteering, I’ve met some good friends too. My favorite deals – Timberland shoes for $3 (not on half price day either!) and a Kate Spade baby bag that I use as my everyday bag for $10. Can’t wait to stock up again in March 2013. Bring on the spring clothes!!

  81. Brandy says

    At my first Rhea Lana Event, I bought 6 pair of Stride Rite shoes (the only kind my son could walk in that come in a small enough size!) for less than $30!! Such a great deal! I didn’t have to buy shoes for him for a full year!
    This year, I’m expecting our second child & am hoping to find an infant seat & bases, because we had only borrowed the one we used for our son. I’m also hoping for a toddler bed since we need to free up the crib soon!

  82. says

    I can fully outfit my son each season for LESS than $50. That is amazing, considering how much only a couple outfits cost brand new! And most of the items are very gently worn or almost new.

  83. says

    I’ve only been once and I was barely pregnant with my first, who will be coming early in late March. I only bought a few items last time because I didn’t know what to get but I’m REALLY excited to pick up lots of last minute items this time around!

  84. Jessica Justice says

    Love Rhea Lana!!! Found a bouncy seat at the last sale that was practically brand new for $5.00 also found a activity jumper for $15. Always find such great deals!!

  85. Lindsey Swonger says

    We have a 13 month old and are expecting twins so we are hoping to find an awesome deal on a double stroller, car seats and of course lots of clothes at great prices!

  86. Whitney says

    I am a mom-to-be and I am super excited about going to Rhea Lana for the first time. I have only heard wonderful things and I am excited to find some great deals for my new little one.

  87. Diana says

    I too love Rhea Lana’s. The best deal I have received was this past fall/winter sale, where I found a Land’s End winter coat for $5, for my two year old. The coat was in great shape, it looked as if it had neve been worn and my son has loved it. This time I am looking for a tool bench for my little Mr. Fix It and a tricycle.

  88. Megan Boliver says

    I always find the best deals at Rhea lanas but i would have to say the very best was when i was shopping for a crib. I found a beautiful matching crib and changing table in excellent condition with mattress. The price for both $12! Needless to say the guy that was brining it in didnt even have it all put together before i was already paying for it. haha

  89. Jennifer says

    Best find last year from the 1/2 price sale — adorable Nike suede looking high tops (his & my faves!) and a couple pairs of really good jeans that have gotten SO much use — all under $5 each. Can’t beat that! Have a little girl now & would love to find some sweet dresses too!

  90. Phyllis says

    Whoohooo!!! Love Rhea Lana sales! We Foster and adopt, so we are always on the lookout for great deals!!

  91. Anita says

    I have found tons of amazing deals for our boys. It is also so great to sell my boys outgrown clothes and make money to purchase new clothes.

  92. Felicia Partain says

    This will be my second time to consign with Rhea Lana! I have shopped there when I was pregnant with my daughter and LOVED it!! I always thought oh it’s probably too complicated to consign so I never did until last year and now I’m hooked!! It was SO easy and I actually love doing it! Love being able to watch my sales online too! So before Rhea Lana I was the type that kept everything I had bought for my daughter and she’s almost 2!! I spent so much money on her clothes it’s hard to just give them away but with rhea Lana.. I couldn’t believe how much money I made consigning them!! I’ve got my pile all ready to go for this event!! Woo hoo!

  93. Jen Gilmore says

    I got a pair of Tom’s for my little girl for $6! I LOVE these sales and cannot wait for the Fayetteville sale to begin. This is the best place to outfit your child for the season!

  94. says

    My best find happened at last year’s fall sale — I found three pair of excellent condition, name brand, SLIM size 4T jeans with adjustable waist (perfect for my skinny, tall girl) pinned together for only $5. I couldn’t believe how awesome that was!

  95. says

    I’ve never been to an RL show before because I’m just now pregnant with my first baby! We’re so excited to see what treasurers we’ll find. I’m REALLY hoping to find some cute maternity clothes AND a stroller!

  96. Cara Gulledge says

    I have scored so many deals! From Easter and Christmas outfits to boots that have little wear. My favorite deal was a pair Steve Madden boots for my daughter that looked brand new for $7. I am starting her early with a shoe fetish. :)

  97. Jennifer stroud says

    I would love to find a double stroller for my two little ones! They are so affordable at Rhea Lana’s!

  98. Toni Emery says

    I absolutely love rhea Lana! I have gotten so many great deals for my daughter! I’m hoping to find my daughter some stylish summer outfits and maybe some other great items!

  99. Nicole Francis says

    I always find great deals at Rhea Lana’s! Maternity clothes when I was pregnant, baby gear to get my nursery started, and now my son’s favorite toys and cute clothes! I always keep a running list of things on my laptop to be looking for at the next sale! :)

  100. Jennifer S. says

    I have always found Great Deals at Rhea Lana’s and i buy pretty much EVERYTHING i need there for both of my kids. Looking forward to finding some cute summer dresses and shirts!!!

  101. Becky says

    I’ve bought lots of great things at your sale but one of my most favorites was a little Indian Halloween costume for my 2 year old. This is one we will keep for memories even when he outgrows it!

  102. Jess says

    An amazing and inexpensive shopping trip for maternity clothes for my sister. I always go to the Fayetteville/Springdale sale at least one day for educational toys as well.

  103. Rachel Campbell says

    Shoes, dresses, and goodies galore…that’s what I find at Rhea Lana’s! And I make money doing it!!

  104. Michelle says

    I’m currently expecting my third child. My little girl(age 4) just began taking gymnastics and I would love to find her some cute leotards, outfits etc to keep her excitement in her new sport. My little man (age 1) needs some new shoes as he is mastering walking. I also hope to find a much needed double stroller now that I will have more children than hands!

  105. Sandra says

    My daughter attends every one of your sales. When I come to visit I always try to go with her. The best purchases are the shoes. You have such great deals on them that would be so expensive to pay full price for.

  106. Cherie says

    I love Rhea Lanas. I have been able to dress all 3 of our girls in the cutest stylish clothes at a fraction of the price it would cost to go buy the clothes new. I have found so many bargins, way too many to list. I always find some great boutique shoes and always some in great shape toys that the girls just love!

  107. Elizabeth says

    Last fall I found a Columbia fleece jacket for $3 and it still had the tags. This year I need clothes for our new baby boy due in April! :)

  108. Michelle says

    My little girl (age 4) just started gymnastics classes and I would love to find her some leotards and tights. My little man (age 1) has just started walking and could use some new shoes. I’m also expecting my third child and desperately need a double stroller now that I will have more little ones than I have hands!

  109. Sarah Curry says

    I got a wooden painted kitchen for $50 that matches my little girl’s room perfectly! It retailed for $250!!

  110. Jenna Stubbs says

    my fav RL purchases are probably shoes. Brand new stride Rites for my son that were $8 and brand new Toms for my daughter that were $15. i always like adding to my Christmas loot with good quality used toys as well. I am also sharing this on FB @ Jenna Jeffers Stubbs

  111. says

    It was the first time i shop with Rhea Lana, it was on 2011.. The sale was in Rogers Arkansas on Dixieland St. I was so happy when i got home because i went home with 2 full trash bags but only paid 60 dollar event….

  112. Julie Keffer says

    I look forward to each Rhea Lana’s sale! My husband and I have two little girls that love to dress up and I can always find the right items Rhea Lana’s for incredible prices!!!

  113. Ruby says

    Among my best purchases at Rhea Lana are a Peg Perigo stroller, an exersaucer, babyGap clothes, Robeez, and a baby sling.

  114. Christina Meeks says

    My FAVORITE finds there are ALWAYS their wide selection of Razorback items! They have everything from socks to cheerleader outfits to windsuits! Last year I found a Razorback windsuit set that included pants and a jacket with lining inside! It’s funny because I will buy whatever I can find Razorback-related that I like in my daughter’s current size and beyond! Being a single parent, I’m grateful for Rhea Lana’s because I can buy quality clothing and recycle it at the following year’s event. Thank you NWAMotherlode for supporting them!

  115. Micah says

    I LOVE Rhea Lana I have been going for four years now, every event! I have two girls ages two and three and pregnant with my third girl (due in may) at this Rhea Lana I’m hoping to purchase everything for my new bundle of joy! From clothes, stroller, carseat, crib, and much much more! Cannot wait to get my shopping on! :)

  116. Jessie Davis says

    Of the many deals I’ve got at rhea Lana’s over the past years, the best I’d have to say was this adorable picture frame kit. It was brand new and I got it for $2! It was one that had clay for hand/foot prints on one side and a picture of your new baby on the other! It made the most precious Father’s Day gift!!! And only $2!!

  117. Micah says

    I LOVE Rhea Lana I have been going for four years now, every event! I have two girls ages two and three and pregnant with my third girl (due in may) at this Rhea Lana I’m hoping to purchase everything for my new bundle of joy! From clothes, stroller, carseat, crib, and much much more! I always find the best deals! Cannot wait to get my shopping on! :)

  118. Brittney says

    I love Rhea Lana! At the last sale I bought my son a brand new European dress shirt for $6 and they retail for $150!

  119. Andrea Brewton says

    Last year I was pregnant during the sale and I Pretty much got my ENTIRE maternity wardrobe there for under $40!!!!!

  120. Elena says

    As a new foster mom last year, we had our very first placements arrive a week before the Rhea Lana event. It was a placement of two girls who had nothing. They didn’t even come with a complete outfit and what they have was two sizes to small. We were hoping to get a couple of outfits to hold them over for a while but we ended up with a whole new wardrobe of nice clothes for both girls, plenty of toys, and an awesome toy box bench too for less than $250. I’ve never seen kids that happy in my life. My best find at Rhea Lana’s: hope in a child’s eyes. Thank you Rhea Lana and all the people who volunteer there. You’ve helped touch so many more lives then you’ll ever know. My pocket book thanks you too.

  121. says

    Wow!!Sums it up for me!!I am 41 with a new baby.My husband has been off work for several monthes with a total knee replacement.It is so exciting to get gift of a new baby at this age and I so want to have all the adorable clothing ect. well times are hard but guess what when I found rhea lana I found out I can still have all the best and not destroy my pocket book!!I love all the sweet name brand outfits I found and Oh I do love the shoes.My lil one is in style because of Rhea Lana!!Keep it up!!Love you!!!

  122. Cammi Hevener says

    Found an adorable GAP outfit for my daughter when she was little .. Would love to return and see what they have for older girls now ..

  123. Lisa says

    I was able to find a play gym for my daughter for only $15. It was normally $70 brand new. She loves it!

  124. Lauren says

    I love Rhea Lana’s, and I’ve gotten so many good things, it’s hard to start! For my first child, I got a Baby Bjorn for only $35, regular retail around $100. Last year I got him a book shelf/toy bing for only $30. I’m having baby #2 in July and I’m hoping to find a double stroller for my little ones. :)

  125. says

    I am like so many on here…how can you narrow it down to just ONE thing?!?! I got a ‘like new’ pair of Keens for my daughter for $5…a pair of Toms for her for $5…more Gymboree clothes then I can count!!! So much stuff!!! I LOVE RHEA LANA!!!! And the best part is that the first spring sale is always at my birthday (and I can shop with my birthday money) and the second sale is at my daughter’s birthday (and I can shop some more with her birthday money! Just being able to shop is a gift for me :-)

  126. Courtney Vaughn says

    I LOVE Rhea Lana’s and always find the best deals! The best is all the clothes that I’m able to get for my toddler daughter…lots of brand names and cute clothes!

  127. Jocelyn Lampkin says

    Last year we found a Track double stroller for $35. I can’t wait to get some good deals for summer outdoor finds.

  128. Benita Switzer says

    I’ve bought my son lots of clothes and some toys but I’ve messed up a couple of times and plan on redeeming myself at the upcoming sale! The last 2 sales I have found items I talked myself out of buying… and then changed my mind and went back to get them and they were gone! :( I found a turtle sandbox that was brand new looking for $18 (they retail for $50!) and then an airplane propeller for decoration that was $8. I’m kicking myself now for not buying them… When I go to the sale this time… I’m going to get what I want the first time!!! A $100 gift card sure would help me in that process :)

  129. Megan Reid says

    I found a beautiful high end dressy winter coat for my 3 year old daughter for only $4. I usually make enough money from the items that I consign to pay for all the clothes and shoes my kids need for that season.

  130. Rachel says

    Every time I shop at Rhea Lana’s for my daughter I get great deals but my favorite was the brand new $6 birkenstock sandals I found for myself. : )

  131. Meghan Dryzga says

    With a 1 year old and another (surprise) little one on the way, we definitely need a double stroller!

  132. Rachel says

    I found a infant outfit set brand new with tags that included two hats, a dress, short sleeve, and long sleeve onsie, all matching- Zutano Brand for $7!!!! It was prob 75 bucks or more for all that new!

  133. Misty Piazza says

    Rhea Lana’s clothes all three of my children every season. I can not choose just one item because there are just too many good deals but I can say this, for $150 I can clothe three children for an entire season! Where else can you do that!!

  134. Sara Ross says

    I’ve been shopping Rhea Lana since before my first little guy was born. Best score? His Halloween outfit this year, which doubles as a sleeper and a play-suit! Cheap as can be and the cutest little Razorback you’ve ever seen!

  135. Kim says

    I found two pairs of courduory pants for my toddler son at the fall sale last year. With the tags still on! He is still wearing them. I also got a “Cars” little potty at about 1/3 the price of retail. (He still isn’t using it, but we will get there!)

  136. Katherine Morton says

    We love Rhea Lana! My best find was a brand new leather jacket for my oldest for $10. It is awesome. We have had so many great deals over the last few years at Rhea Lana! I can’t wait to find more.

  137. Lesley Abohammdan says

    I found the cutest little Giraffe toddler table and chairs set at the NWA sell 3 years ago for only $10. It is solid wood and has the cutest paint job! What a steal!!

  138. Eleshia Ziegler says

    I buy my kids wardrobes for each season at the sale. I am always able to get them a lot for the money and my daughter thinks that’s the only place to shop for clothes!

  139. Amanda says

    I love Rhea Lana’s!!! It is the easiest and least expensive way to dress my two kids for the upcoming seasons! I love that I can stock up both of my children’s wardrobes usually for about $100.00!!! There is no way I could do that anywhere else!

  140. Lindsey Spahn says

    Ryan’s Room Doll House complete with dolls and furniture for $65.00. I have been a Consignor with Rhea Lana since 2008, I love this sale.

  141. Mary Gibson says

    Soft and warm pink and white bath robe for my 4 year old granddaughter for $5.00. Saved it for a Christmas present and she loves wearing it on these cool mornings and after her bath.

  142. Lauren Alvis says

    I’m fairly new to Rhea Lana’s went for the first time last year while I was pregnant with my first. I spent about $50 and got enough clothes for my son to last until he moved up to 6 months. He’s in 12 months now and is love to score some great deals getting him clothes to last through the spring/summer! Super excited!

  143. Lacie Crider says

    I’m a first time mama-to-be and I would love to find my baby’s nursery furniture at Rhea Lana!

  144. Rachel Drown says

    I’ve shopped and consigned at every Rhea Lana’s in NWA for the last 4 years, too many amazing deals to narrow it down! I would love to find a double jogging stroller at this next sale. It would be awesome to win a $100 gift certificate!

  145. Teresa Menifee says

    I have been shopping and consigning with RL for years. Every single year there is at least one item that I can’t believe I found and it makes the whole experience exhillerating. Sometimes it is a brand new item with tags still on, other times it is something I specifically wanted to find but still couldn’t believe I was able to find it. Top quality name brand items at 25% the original price. You can’t beat it!!

  146. Shannon Stearman says

    I love RL! This time of year I can always count on finding an Easter Dress for my middle daughter, at least a little cute shirt for my teenager, and a pair of khakis and an adorable Easter shirt for my little boy. RL never fails me! Found an adorable safari bedding set for my little boy at the last event and he loves it! I will be looking for jeans, as always, swim trunks and shorts for the boy! RL is the best! I have been shopping at RL for several years now and it is hard to nail down only one great deal. I get a great deal everytime I go!

  147. Melanie Siers says

    I’m excited to find a baby sling, high chair, and some adorable baby boy outfits at great prices!!

  148. says

    Last year we were looking for a bunk bed to put in grandma’s guest room. We looked high and low with no luck in the price range we were shopping. We walked into Rhea Lana and found a perfect bunk bed for only $75!!! And it came with both mattresses! We were super excited and thankful to find such an amazing deal.

  149. Hannah says

    I can’t wait to find some adorable little girl clothes for my 4th baby that is due this April! I love shopping at RL!!!

  150. Heather says

    My favorite score was a car seat that was new and in great condition! We also got a lot of clothes for our soon to come baby. She arrived in October so I’m very excited to be a consignor and shopper this year!

  151. Eleta Hillyer says

    My tall toddler needs some new pants!! And shirts and shoes and pajamas….man, these kiddos grow fast! :)

  152. Hannah Dunlap says

    Hey! I have found many wonderful deals at Rhea Lanas! My favorite are always the clothing deals but last fall I got a lamp that was brand new and was originally $60 and I got it for $10! Looking forward to the next RL!

  153. Pam H says

    I was able to get four maternity work wear pieces for under 25 at my first sale!! The last sale we got a $50 stroller for $10. And at the next one we are looking for clothes to set up our fast growing LO!! We can’t wait !!!

  154. Brooke Johnson says

    Our sweet little boy is due to arrive in May so I would love to find a cozy rocking chair for the nursery.

  155. Michelle says

    I have snagged a few different amazing deals at RL before! Gorgeous bedding for my daughter’s crib, shoes for both of my kids, adorable clothing, etc. It’s so nice to know that you guys have a certain standard that you make sellers adhere to so the likelihood of only buying things in good condition increases a lot! Thanks!

  156. Michele Crippen says

    Bought crib and glider rocker when my twins were born and sold them for what I paid for them 4 years later….love consigning with RL.

  157. Brandi Maples says

    We have always had success in finding great clothes and shoes for extremely low prices. We found a pair of Wolverine boys boots that regularly sell for around $50 and we only paid $8 for them at this last sale. They were basically brand new.

    I look forward to finding some more great finds at this next sale!

  158. Andolyn says

    I always find great deals on clothes! I love coming home with bags of clothes and watching my husband relax when I tell him I only spent $20 on loads of stuff! I hope to find tons of great summer steals at the sale, & hopefully shop after with a $100 gift card!!! Fingers crossed!!!

  159. Emily says

    My favorite RL find was a 10 piece Gymboree set for my daughter for $17- I was one happy momma! I’m excited to see what bargains my mom and I will find this sale!

  160. trish dennis says

    The best deal I’ve ever gotten is a Maclaren striker for $50 however my favorite deal was at last fall’s event. I found 4 Lightning McQueen shirts all bundled together for $5 that I used for incentive for my son to go poppy on the potty. My car obsessed child got one each time he went. Worked like a charm.
    I’m sending this out to my Facebook friends too.

  161. kesha Wilson says

    I bought my 16 month old boys whole fall and winter wardrobe including coat for 75.00. Awesome!

  162. Kimberly Holt says

    I have found some amazing deals at RL from build a bear clothes, a new bike for our oldest daughter, almost brand new shoes and the list goes on! But my favorite fond was matching Gymboree outfits for our daughters. Which is hard to do because one is 7 years old and the other is 2! Hope to find some cute summer clothes at the next sale!

  163. Danielle Myers says

    Last year I scored some citizens of humanity maternity jeans for $20! This sale I’d love to find a swimsuit for my darling 4 month old!

  164. Sarah Pense says

    I would love to find a cute Easter outfit for my 4 month old son. I’m also looking to find the next size up car seat.

  165. Stacy Honea says

    I can’t narrow it down to one deal but one year I got 17 outfits for my kids for just over 60 dollars!! This year we have a new baby and I’m hoping to score a high chair!!!!

  166. Pam Carter says

    I preciously purchased an amazing double running stroller for merely $65. It was perfect for my grandchildren.

  167. Torie leger says

    My best saving was when I found out I was going to have twins they were a surprise and I had just gotten rid of all of my baby stuff cause we were ” done” having kids lol we had to re buy everything and thank God for RLs they saved us.

  168. Julie Denner says

    I can’t think of one specific item but more that I have managed to find amazing deals on Gymbo, Gap and other name brand clothes and shoes for super cheap prices! Every sale I say oh I just need a few things and I manage to find too much cute stuff to leave there! Plus I love being able to restock and switch out books and shoes and toys. This is the best sale around!!

  169. Ashleigh says

    I love Rhea Lanas! I need summer clothes for my son and an Easter outfit. We find great deals every year!

  170. Callie says

    Looooove Rhea Lana’s! I buy my son’s entire wardrobe for the next season at rhea Lana. I only shop the 1/2 off sale and usually end up spending $1.50-$3.00 on average per item!

  171. Lindsey Kendrick says

    I don’t know if I can only name one good deal – I love finding name brand items, barely worn – for an AWESOME price! Just as fun for me was volunteering for a shift the first time I consigned – and consigning is great, too! SO fun to make money and spend time organizing things (it felt like a job — a job different than the day-in and day-out usuals of a SAHM)!!

  172. Becca says

    We found a turtle sandbox for $14 last year-and it is in great condition! I also got full wardrobes for 3 children whose mom was struggling to afford new school clothes for them, all for under $100! I love Rhea Lana’s and can’t wait to see what we can find for summer!

  173. Larissa McCraw says

    I look forward to Rhea Lana’s EVERY season! I always find amazing deals for my two boys! Plus, I got them both a HUGE amount of clothes and toys for Christmas for amazing prices! With how much money we save I’m also able to purchase for others!

  174. Ashley Bain says

    Almost new Graco pack n play, with changer and bassinet for $100. I’m looking for cute boys cloths and shoes. Nothing special this sale with Christmas and a birthday just over. ;)

  175. Ashley Bain says

    I bought an almost new Graco pack n play, with changer and bassinet for $100. I’m not looking for anything special this sale, just clothes and shoes.

  176. Julia says

    I like Rhea Lana’s. I’ve been to other consignment sales, but hers are the best. My DSIL called me during the sale telling me about all the great deals she’s finding for my kids. She picked up tons for my son and daughter. Thanks for the great deals!

  177. Katie Allen says

    I got a 4 piece Persnikity outfit for $15.00!! I went back on half off day and randomly found it. I love finding super cute clothes that I don’t mind if my girls mess up because I didn’t pay a fortune for them!!

  178. Laura Rhein says

    I got an Osh Kosh pea coat for my 2 yr old toddler for $7 and I’m hoping to score some Razorback stuff at the upcoming sale.

  179. says

    I am excited to attend this next sale, so I can purchase baby equipment for my newest grandson. I am especially hoping to find an infant seat. Can’t wait!

  180. Ashley P. says

    I’ve bought lots of like-new Gap, Gymboree, and Old Navy clothes for $3-4 each. They look barely worn! I’ve also bought a barely used Rock n Play for $15 (retailed at $40)!! Hoping to stock up on my two kids’ full wardrobeof spring and summer clothes!!

  181. Erin West says

    Rhea Lana’s is amazing! I have outfitted both my girls for the full “season” for only $125, including shoes! I love finding gorgeous outfits, paying a fraction of retail cost.

  182. Jennifer Watkins says

    Looking forward to finding great deals on all many things I need for the baby I will have in may.

  183. Amanda Lantz says

    I Love Rhea Lana for several reasons. One of my favorite is that it is the BEST place to find name brand clothes and shoes for next to nothing. Also, I love to buy toys at the fall sale and save them for Christmas.

  184. Kristen Stout says

    My best purchase was a double stroller that I purchased for under $100 dollars in excellent condition. The same stroller was sold new online for over $250. Thanks Rhea Lana for saving me money over the years.

  185. Helen says

    I found an adorable Halloween costume for my daughter one year. It was $8 and made for great photos.

  186. Lindsay Hirth says

    I love Rhea Lana’s and have been going there to stock up for the little girl I am adopting from Ethiopia. This sale, I am hoping to find good deals on Boppy pillows. In Ethiopian orphanages, babies are often given bottles while lying down in their cribs. I want to bring to Ethiopia as many Boppy pillows as I can to help prop up the babies so they don’t aspirate the milk, which is incredibly dangerous. I am also going to be shopping for clothes for the older children at the orphanages who often get overlooked for adoption.

  187. Gabriela Martinez says

    This is my second year volunteering my time to the event! I love helping out almost as much as saving money on my baby. Last year I collected just about everything I needed for my nursery and this year I am hoping to gather some mobile toys. My little one is starting to walk so it’s time to up-date her toys. My best finds and best deals were her boppy (with new cover for $5) and toy organizer (with 12 compartments and pink! for $10).

  188. Martha Albarran says

    I’m new to Rhea Lana’s and I’m hoping to find cute outfits and hair bows for my soon to be here baby girl. And cute new outfits for my boys and future big sister!

  189. Angela H says

    I found this really neat kids car for $60 after the restock last year. My kids love it and get tons of compliments on it!

  190. Amber says

    I always find such amazing deals at Rhea Lana, you know your finding good deals when the hubby gets into the fun too! My husband does the shoes, furnature and pjs when we get to the sale then helps out with the rest of the shopping. We both love going to the sale together and it’s always rewarding to see your kids dressed so cute especially when you know you paid 1/3rd the price of others ;0)
    Thanks Ashley for bringing Rhea Lana to NWA!!!

  191. Bobye holt says

    I love to shop for my children’s clothes at rhea Lana’s because I usually can get each child’s entire wardrobe for the next season for about $45!

  192. Krystal says

    My favorite snag was a GIANT superman I saw while dropping off. With a surprise baby on the way we were having to rig a room for my oldest in our living room with dividers and sheets. He wanted Superman. My friend had earlier passes than me, and I had her pick it up for me to ensure I got it. They took great pictures of Superman posing in all sorts of places until we met again and she passed him off to me. When I put him in my son’s room, he was sooooo excited. That $15 gave two families tons of fun!!!!

  193. Karlie says

    At the last Rhea Lana’s sale, I bought the cutest pair of Gap Kids jeans for $7. My daughter loved them!

  194. Ashley says

    I always find tons of cute clothes for my daughter at great prices! I look forward to the Rhea Lana sales all year! I’m hoping to find some spring/summer clothes and some outside toys at the upcoming event.

  195. Annie Lindsey says

    I have found numerous great deals at Rhea Lana’s, but my favorite is the Baby Bullet! I wasn’t able to shell out the $100 for a brand new one, but Rhea Lana’s took care of that. A BRAND NEW Baby Bullet still in all original packing for $40!! I was elated. Rhea Lana’s made it possible for me to feed our son good, fresh, homemade baby food.

  196. Jessica M says

    I hope to find some toms for my little girl this year! And I just can’t wait to see how much clothing I can get for so little money!!

  197. Crystal Gray says

    Like many other moms there isn’t just one deal I could brag about but if I had to choose one I think it would be at this past Fall/Winter sale. I have 5 children and I like to find deals whenever I can because it seems like all of their wardrobes need replenished in their entirety every season. One piece of clothing in particular I was looking for in this sale was Halloween costumes for my 1 1/2 year old boy/girl twins. I could not find what I needed/wanted for a good price at local retail stores so I tried Rhea Lana’s racks. You would not believe the selection and I ended up getting a Chicken and a Duck costume all for under $10 for my little ones!!! I am so thankful this sale exists and do HIGHLY recommend anyone wanting to purchase or sell their gently used or new children’s items to only go to Rhea Lana’s. Thank you so much. You are truly a blessing to so many.

  198. Chelsea Green says

    I want to find the perfect yellow dress for my daughter’s birthday along with some toys.

  199. Lisa H. says

    I have four children to shop for at Rhea Lana’s and we do so every spring and fall sale. Usually what I make as a consignor comes real close to covering the cost of what I bought. So, makes for a great “trade”! With four to buy for it’s too hard to nail down a fav item.

  200. Ginger says

    I really need to find my little girl some shoes. I also love that I can find all of the kids summer clothes for a fraction of the retail cost.

  201. Amy W says

    I have found lots of amazing deals at Rhea Lana’s, but one of my faves is a custom Hogs overall set for my daughter! I cannot wait for this upcoming sale!!

  202. Tanya Riebel says

    I have new grandbaby on the way.Mom and dad gave away all their old baby clothes 2 weeks before they found out they were preg. with # 3 becasue they were done having babies! So I would to be able to help them out with some things from Rhea Lana’s!!

  203. Jennifer says

    During my pregnancy I bought enough barely worn name brand maternity to last my entire pregnancy at thrift store prices! Really cute stuff!

  204. Shonda Zimmerman says

    I bought my daughter 3 maternity/breastfeeding tank tops, a brestfeeding cover up and maternity shorts all for $15.00.

  205. Amanda Arriola says

    I love going on the half price day sale because I can close for my sons to wear for only $1.50 each and sometimes they have three pairs per bundle which makes it so affordable.

  206. Sara says

    I LOVE Rhea Lana’s! The last sale I went to I snagged a Moby Wrap and a Diaper Champ for $12 each! I can’t wait for the spring sale! Now that baby’s here, I know what I can really use!

  207. Kim says

    This will be my first trip to Rhea Lana’s I am hoping to find the rest of the stuff I need for my baby due in May.

  208. Teresa Kohut says

    I love these sales. I get some really great deals on all kinds of stuff. I hope to find a jumperoo at this sale.

  209. Sara Campbell says

    I love Rhea Lana’s sales! I have been able to clothe my boys for around $50 per season with th half price sales and if I manage to get my act together and consign I normally can shop for free!

  210. Sandra Thompson says

    Last fall I got my daughter a cozy coupe car that is normally $50 for on $3!! I love finding great deals at Rhea Lana. :)

  211. says

    I found the perfect mobile to match my baby girl’s bedding (none were made to match it) purple damask print for only $9 and it was new in the box!

  212. says

    Last Fall I was able to outfit my children’s bedroom with an awesome quality rug, a like new Disney princess toy storage shelf, and a twin size bed with three storage drawers underneath. All for $110!!!! At the March 2013 event, I’m hoping to outfit my three daughters for spring and summer without going bankrupt ;0

  213. Katy Magee says

    In June 2012 I delivered a 1lb 15 oz baby girl. She was 15 weeks early and spent 14 weeks in NICU. She is home now and is a big bow wearin…16 lbs!!! During her NICU stay I went to the RL sale…I was in desperate need of preemie clothes fro when she would come home and I was not finding alot in the stores. I found a ton at the RL sale along with blankets that still had tags on them!! I also found BOWS and BOWS and BOWS!!!!!!!! I purchased a little lovey blankie from the Pink Lili and had her name put on it…..that little lovey became her blanket in NICU…it completely covered her!!! She now holds it all the time!!I plan on going to this RL to find all her spring and summer clothes!! With all the bills a 14 wk NICU stay plus a 19 day hospital stay for me trying to hold labor off the batgains I can find at Rl sale will help me outfit my miracle angel in the type of clothes she deserves to have!!!!!

  214. Elizabeth says

    My favorite purchase was a newborn-sized pair of pajamas that said “Little Explorer” and had bears going on a camping trip. My son wore it home from the hospital, on his first day of exploring the big, wide world.

  215. Amanda says

    I am so excited for this upcoming Rhea Lana’s Consignment sale! I am never disappointed with the great deals I find! I am trying to think of the best deal I scored there and there are too many to mention! From the great deals on clothes, to the amazing savings on furniture, I can’t pick just one! So, I have decided to share my favorite shopping experience with them. When I was 6 months pregnant with my daughter, I was introduced to the Rhea Lana sale for the first time. I had never been to anything like it! Sure, I have frequently went to children’ consignment stores for my son but never anything like this! Being a mother to be, I was allowed to be one of the early shoppers at this event and it was amazing! I was able to buy my car seat/stroller combo, a play n’ pack, a highchair, a baby bath, baby monitors, crib bedding, toys, and several items of clothes for my son and my little girl! There were so many great deals and I was able to get everything I needed to be prepared for my new arrival! I would have never been able to get as much as I did anywhere else for the price I spent at Rhea Lanas.

  216. Rachel says

    I love the wooden puzzels! There are always so many to choose from. I am hoping to score some awesome birthday gifts for my son ,who is turning 2 next month!

  217. Jamie says

    When my son was a baby, I spent around $75 and scored SO many nice clothes for him. LOVE Rhea Lana’s!!

  218. Rachel says

    As first time parents, it’s hard to know what all we need! It’s slightly overwhelming to us but I was able to fill almost her entire closet for only $100! I was so very impressed that we plan on going back in March to find a rocker/glider =]

  219. Beth Ann Hunt says

    Over a year ago, I started shopping at the NWA Rhea Lana’s sales when my oldest sister was in the process of an adoption. I was trying to get her some great deals on some clothes and ended up loving this sale. And then my other sister had a baby and I returned. But this year it is my turn! With my first baby on the way I am hoping to get some great deals on needed items and clothing. Cannot wait and I have my calendar marked for this event!

  220. Stephany W says

    New to the area and setting up home for my family of 4. I have 2 little girls and sure would like to find a great play kitchen at a great price :).

  221. Virginia says

    Everything at RL is an awesome deal but if I had to pick one it would be a brand new Dora bicycle for $28 & the exact same bike was $90 at Toys r us!! Love RL’s- I consign & shop both sales twice a year!! I’m kinda obsessed ;)

  222. April Mahan says

    Love getting name brand items for low prices. Best deal ever was a Nike long sleeve compression fit shirt that my son wears all the time, cost $3.00!

  223. Angie says

    I love shopping the half-price days. Last year I got several outfits for my girls and a pair of shoes for my little boy for next to nothing. Rhea Lana’s is such a blessing.

  224. Brandi says

    I would love to find a great deal on some cute spring clothes for my daughter, and also, some cute leotards!

  225. Christina says

    I would love to find a bumbo and infant clothes for my daughter and toddler clothes and shoes for my son!

  226. Christy Harrison says

    I was so excited to see a folding child’s table with four chairs for $5!!! My kids eat at it every day for lunch while watching their favorite shows. Rhea Lana’s is sensational! I look forward to it each time, and I’m ready to get my shop on!!!

  227. Julie says

    I love the deals at Rhea Lana’s! Since I consign my used clothes, I make more than enough money to cover my shopping sprees during the sales….which means I come away with pretty much a whole wardrobe for my kids for free! This year I’m looking for more shoes! That’s a huge money saver!

  228. Lindsay says

    I would love to find clothes that actually fit my 6 month old. He grows so fast I can’t buy them fast enough or at a good deal!!

  229. Stacey K says

    The clothes are always Great at Rhea Lana, but the best item I have found is a personalized suitcase for my son with HIS name on it! Cole is not a popular name. I was so excited!

  230. Lynda Richards says

    I love shopping at Rhea Lana’s because i can can get two years worth of clothes for my daughter and walk out with two hand fulls less then 150 dollars and those are outfits, shoes, and misc. things. Also, i love the service the ladies are fast, friendly, and they give great customer service with advice and compliments. This is year I’m excited to see what is in for this spring! which is my favorite season..

    XoXo Lynda :)

  231. Beth says

    I have a one year old and started shopping rhea Lana’s when I was a mom to be. I have been to all the nwa rhea Lana’s since then. My mom and I go together and Dad stays home with the baby. My mom and I love rhea Lana’s! About 90% of my daughters toys clothes movies etc were purchased here. I would love to win and I might even split it wih my mom!

  232. says

    I love love love these Rhea Lana sales!! We did shopping last year at all the locations around us; Fayettevill, Silom Springs, and Springdale! We bought our baby changer, Swing, baby snuggle bunny bouncer and alot of clothes for our baby boy to be. He was born this past december and for what we could have spent on just the changing table we got so much more! Rhea Lana has wonderful quality items and alot of clothes with the tags still attached! Im so thanful that Rhea Lana is so popular in this area and is making its biannual appearance again! Whooooo hooo

  233. Jill says

    I consign & shop at Rhea Lana every year. It’s seriously one of my most favorite times of the year!!! I always buy my daughters clothes for the next season & I always find her the cutest stuff!! So excited for pre-sale!!! :)

  234. Sara says

    I love Rhea Lana and make almost every sale! This sale I’m in desperate need of reusable swim diapers and swim suits for my little one, as we have our own backyard pool at our new house!

  235. Rosemary Rincon says

    I have actually never shopped the Rhea Lana sale before. I am shopping this time though and I would love to find good shoes for my oldest daughter. I’m looking forward to shopping!

  236. Kim says

    I always find the cutest dresses for my daughter! I love finding great quality clothes for awesome price!

  237. Tara says

    I’m pregnant with baby #5 and moving to a bigger house. So, I’m on the hunt for big kid beds and other stuff to help us transition. I’ve never been to rhea Lana’s.

  238. Stephanie Schaefer says

    I would love to win this to buy several things for my neices and nephews that have so little!

  239. says

    My BF has just met all the requirements to open her home to adoption/fostering. I would love to help her find big ticket items — crib, high chair, travel system — so that she will be ready for the big day!!
    The best deal I have found was clothes-shopping for my almost 10 year old last Rhea Lana’s in October. I was able to get him 30 items for under $60. Blue jeans were practically new, the shirts were “SO COOL — thanks Mom!” Saving money on great items just makes my day!!

  240. Marisa Scharman says

    I would love to buy a bouncer or walker for my baby girl and an outdoor toy like a truck or wagon for my son!

  241. Leah says

    My favorite find was an adorable outfit for my daughter. White capris and a navy summer top with red accents.