Giveaway: Memphis at Walton Arts Center and dinner at Hammontree’s Grilled Cheese


Note from the mamas: Congratulations to Jenn Hipp, winner of this great Date Night package!

Anybody ready for a great night out with the husband or maybe your best mama friend? If your hand just shot up, then we have a giveaway package that you’re going to love. It includes two tickets to the opening night performance of Memphis at the Walton Arts Center on February 5, 2013 at 7 p.m. and a dinner gift card at Hammontree’s Grilled Cheese (cheese-alicious!).

ABOUT THE SHOW: First, let’s start with what some of the critics say about Memphis. The Associated Press has called this show “the very essence of what a Broadway musical should be.” And the show has won FOUR Tony awards, including the one for Best Musical. So with memphis2credentials like that, you know it’s going to be a fun night at the theater.

This show is based on a story about underground dance clubs in Memphis, Tennessee during the 1950s. It’s full of fame and forbidden love and has lots of explosive dancing, music and drama as it follows the lives of a white radio disc jockey who wants to change the world and a black club singer who is ready for her big break in show business. The musical is inspired by actual events.

(Please note that this show does have some adult content and situations, so this isn’t one for younger kids.)

ABOUT THE FOOD: Oh my gosh, girls. If you haven’t eaten at Hammontree’s you are missing OUT. These grilled cheese sandwiches are definitely not what we’re serving up to the kids at home.

hammontrees logoThese bad boys are amped up. Here are a few of the grilled cheese choices: Parmageddon, Bries Company, The Scarlet Cheddar and Cheebacca. They actually have 15 different grilled cheese options including build-your-own.

Hammontree’s also has gourmet hot dogs (for example, the Aloha Dog has smoked mozzarella and chicken sausage with grilled pineapple, jalapenos, teriyaki sauce and pepper jack on a Scali roll) and soups. They’ve also got sensational salads, classic melts — if you don’t like all that fancy stuff — and amazing desserts.

The atmosphere at Hammontree’s is really fun and they have outside seating. It’s on West Avenue, just around the corner from Dickson Street.

blueberry grilled cheese

Blueberry Grilled Cheese


HOW TO ENTER: To throw your name in the online hat for this giveaway package, we’re asking you to play one of our favorite games called “Your Kid Did WHAT?” As moms, we all have a few stories that we tell our fellow parents about the time a kid blew our mind by doing something we never saw coming. These are the kinds of stories that get told over and over again at family gatherings.

For example, when my son was 2 years old and had just finished potty training (or so I thought), he peed in his Scooby Doo underwear while playing at Chick-fil-A, so he took off his wet pants and underwear, piled them in a corner and went right on playing completely nude from the waist down. When I glanced over to check on him in the play area, all I saw was his naked little butt cheeks and a few little girls gathered around to stare at his naked nuggets. I was horrified. Now… it’s your turn. If you don’t have a story yet about your own kids, you can tell us one that you’ve heard somewhere else or from your own childhood.

You can also email your answer to to enter the giveaway.

If your story really cracks us up, we may use it (without identifying names so we can protect the innocent or not-so-innocent) during our daily radio show on Magic 107.9, which airs weekdays at 7:45 a.m.

HOW TO INCREASE YOUR CHANCES: Increasing your chances of winning is really easy. Just “like” our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or Pinterest, or send an email to your buddies to let them know about this giveaway. Just be sure to put on the CC line of your email so we can give you proper credit. You’ll get an extra chance to win for each person you email. And let us know in your posted comment that you’re a Facebook fan or Twitter or Pinterest follower so we can give you extra chances for that as well.

HOW TO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS SHOW: Our friends at the Walton Arts Center have raved about this show. They say it’s one of those “Must See” shows of the season. So if you really don’t want to miss out, call and get your tickets asap.  You can purchase them by calling the Walton Arts Center Box Office at 479-443-5600 or by clicking HERE to buy them online.

Good luck in the giveaway, and don’t forget to like or comment on our Facebook page for extra chances to win. Hope you have a GREAT week!




  1. Heather Forseth Grant says

    My youngest son, Cooper, has always had a lot to say! I always wonder what he will say during the childrens sermon when he is up at the front of the church with all of the other children. Years ago, right before Easter, our pastor asked the kids if they were excited about the Easter Bunny coming to visit. Being a very verbal 2 year old, my child says, “No, Im not excited! As a matter of fact, I stomped the Easter Bunny dead!” Talk about shocked parents! The pastor and congregation were amused, but I was sooooo NOT!

  2. Jennifer says

    My two year old is into making messes. I found shampoo all over the floor and in her sisters hair! Not fun to clean up.

  3. says

    I love this! I am so past due for a date with my husband it isn’t even funny. I’ve been telling him about Hammontree’s!

    I am, of course, an enthusiastic fan on both FB & Twitter.

    It’s really not a qualifying story, but this has been on my mind and making me laugh today: we used to once in a while take our now nine year old as a toddler to Buffalo Wild Wings, and she thought it was the coolest place on earth. She would always ask if we could go to “wuffalo wit had wings wid it.” Killed. Us.

    Great giveaway, crossing fingers and toes!

  4. Melissa says

    We live out in the country so we allow our little boy to use the bathroom outside sometimes. He had trouble understanding why this was not approriate in public places. We were standing in line for the Ferris Wheel at the county fair when he started to pull down his pants and go in front of everyone. I reacted pretty quick and we ran to the bathrooms. :)

  5. Angie C says

    I think I like your story best! ;)
    My 2 y/o is very ornery (but SO sweet and precious!). She’s started yelling, “No, Ma’am!” at everyone when they:
    *say “no, ma’am” to her
    *do anything she dislikes

  6. says

    After watching “the film” in 5th grade, I asked my daughter what she learned. I was specifically interested if the film explained where babies came from. It did not. However, she already knew that part she told me. (Thank you, Secret Life of the American Teenager)

    “How does that happen?” I asked.

    “I don’t want to talk about it,” came her reply from the back seat.

    “Is it S-E-X?” I spelled out the question.

    “Yes,” came her shy reply.

    So I just had to push a little bit further. “And what happens during sex?”

    “Well, the sperm bites the egg, and then it gets fertilized and makes a baby.”

  7. says

    My daughter had a hard time learning how to behave in church service. When she was 3, she wanted to know if church was almost over so we could go get a cookie. I whispered to her that we would take Communion, sing one more song, then it would be cookie time. We went up for Communion and as soon as we got back to our pew my daughter started singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” as loud as she could. I should have been more specific and said “sing a hymn.”

  8. Melinda says

    Well after a vacation that I carried way too much luggage along my oldest daughter which is now a senior was 10 or 11 then decided to plop down all the luggage and sit on it @ the end of the escalator. We were freaking out and we all piled up even one of us falling down at the end. To say the least we looked like the Beverly Hillbilly’s goes to the airport!!!
    My youngest daughter bday is Sunday 15th bday would love to take her to this!!!

  9. Brannan says

    Potty training always brings adventures! Not long after my then-two year old boy discovered the art of peeing on trees, he must have thought it meant trees were toilets. We found him squatted by the tree pooping one nice summer day. Gross!

  10. Connie says

    While at Wal-Mart, my daughter saw an employee with short hair and as we were walking past kept saying “what is that guy doing”…I just didn’t respond and kept walking…it was a woman with short hair. :-)

  11. Rhiannon Steele says

    My oldest daughter told her Kindergarten teacher that her grandma didn’t wear any underwear! I can only imagine the things she told her about me!

  12. Amy Smith says

    We were doing the potty training thing with my youngest, and everyone knows when this is going on and they say they have to go… you take them… immediately, to avoid accidents. So, we were attending a graduation ceremony for a friend who was getting his Masters… so kind of a big deal… in the middle of the ceremony the little one starts screaming “I have to go poop!” at the top of his lungs… needless to say my husband ran out of the ceremony with him and took him to the potty…. kids say the darndest things!

  13. Rosemary Rincon says

    Well I knew the girls were too quiet for too long so I went to check on them…they had all my nail polish and theirs almost open on our new hardwood floor! Thank goodness none of it spilled but my heart sank for a moment and then had to smile because it was so cute!

  14. Gail Halleck says

    Almost last day of middle school (6th or 7th grade) and librarian calls me. Did you know that your son tried to hand in a book with a piece of pepperoni pizza in it? YIKES! She informed me that she gave it back and we would be charged for the book. I ran to his backpack after yelling at him about roaches and lo and behold the book with the paper plate and pizza still there and A ROACH!!!!!

  15. Misty says

    My daughter went on this spree of acting like a puppy. She was about 2 and a half. One day when I picked her up from daycare her teacher told me that she got in trouble because she refused to eat her lunch at the table with the rest of the kids, she wanted it in a bowl on the ground because she was just a puppy… I just stared at her trying my best not to crack up while getting onto her

  16. Carmen says

    My daughter is always saying something funny, but luckily hasn’t caused me much trouble!
    She always get words of songs mixed up and thinks it says something else. Then she will argue with me that I’m wrong about what the words of the song are. Funny!

  17. Barbara DeMarais says

    When our daughter was in pre-school, we found a tiny baby bunny. She was ecstatic!! Absolutely LOVED the tiny rabbit and was sooo excited about getting to take it to school the next day for show-n-tell. We carefully warned her that it’s very hard to keep a tiny creature alive, but we do our best to help it survive. The next morning, to our disappointment, it had not made it, and we didn’t know how on earth we were going to tell her. We knew she would absolutely fall apart with crying and didn’t know how we were going to be able to comfort her. When she woke up, she came running in to get the little bunny, and as gently as we could, we told her that the little bunny had died. She picked up the little bunny and started stroking it and looked up at us and said, “Does this mean I can’t take it to show-n-tell?”

  18. Carrie Browning says

    When my 13 year old was about 3, I received a call from the day care provider that watched her….
    We had at home, a rubber fake “pile of poop” that we liked to prank one another with…..
    It’s seems Baylee had snuck it into her lunch box and taken it for show and tell! When it was show and tell time, she pulled out her “secret” and announced that she brought “poop” for show and tell!!!!
    Seems the day care lady received a complaint from another parent that night!! :-(
    She asked us to please screen items for show and tell from then on……
    (still makes me smile!)

  19. Stefanie says

    About a month or 2 ago my toddler put the plug-in end of the cord to my BRAND NEW hair dryer in the toilet. It was soaking wet (luckily toilet was clean) but I let it dry out a few days thinking it would be fine. I then told my older son that it should be fine to use and he gave me the “you’re crazy” look, so I said fine, I’ll use it. He then looked at me and with all the seriousness of his 10 year old self, said “well, goodbye then.”

  20. Julie smith says

    My almost 2 year old had just learned the song “This little light of mine.” She couldn’t quite pronounce all the words, so instead of singing,”hide it under a bushel…no!” she sang “bull s*#! NO!!!!”….repeatedly….at the top of her lungs. (Disclaimer: no one in our family has ever said that word around her, I promise! It was just a mispronunciation!) Thank goodness we were not in church! But I did capture it on video, which is pretty hilarious. Here’s the link: (be careful where you are if you decide to watch this…it’s loud and uncensored!)

  21. says

    A couple of weeks ago I got a text from my 4-year old son’s teacher at daycare saying that he had just gone to the bathroom outside in front of the girls! We live in the country so he is used to doing that at our house but I’ve always told him that he can’t do that in town. I asked him why he did it and he said, “Mom, I had to go real bad!” Hopefully it never happens again!
    By the way – love your story!

  22. Jane says

    We had a friend who had just returned from Iraq over for dinner when my son was around 2. We had been working on potty training for a few weeks. He had his own little table he was eating at, and we pulled it close to us while we visited and ate. I thought I smelled dirty britches, and I looked down after a moment to notice that he had smeared poop all over his table. I was absolutely mortified!

  23. Tricia says

    Our 2 YO thought it would be funny to put a whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet ad flush it a few times. Needless to say, we had a nice wading pool on the bathroom floor.

  24. Georgina says

    When our son Andrew was 3 or so, I had to take him with me to the dentist. The receptionist (who is still there) was so sweet she offered to watch him while I was having my teeth cleaned. He was in the children’s room coloring next to me.
    The office is pretty quiet except for the cleaning instruments and an occasional question from the hygienist. Suddenly I hear my son singing, “Who’s gonna wipe my bottommmmmmm”? over and over from the bathroom! The staff is laughing, I’m about to jump out of the chair with my mouth full of spit when I hear the sweetest sound from the receptionist singing back “I’ll do it!”. Now THAT’S going above and beyond the call of duty!!!!!

  25. Randi says

    I just sent you my story. I also Liked you on Facebook and am following your pinterest.
    Thank you!

  26. Charity says

    I looked out in the backyard a few months ago and found my five year old son jumping naked on the trampoline. When I asked him what he was doing his response was “whoops!”

  27. Brenda Moore says

    I was at my brother’s house with a lot of our family there. My cousin’s three year old locked herself in the bathroom. We tried and tried to get her to unlock the door. we could hear water running in the sink and figured she was just playing around in the water as long as she could. My brother and cousin finally found some tools and had to break into the bathroom after she had been in there over thirty minutes. We were all shocked to see what she had been up to! The sink and floor were covered in poop! She had used the potty chair and then wanted to clean it up. So she put the little pot up in the sink and began trying to wash it all down the drain! Oh my goodness, it was a huge mess! It was all over her, too! She always had a rebellious streak but this time it did seem she wanted to just clean up the poop!

  28. Amy says

    My 4 year old hid a bucket of Halloween candy under my bed and when I’d ask him what he was doing, he’d say “I found a piece of candy under here. Can I eat it?” I kept saying yes and never catching on.

  29. Cherie Robbins says

    While potty traning Monique we went down the main strip to look at cars. While we were talking to the dealer Monique had to potty so she did. She pulled her panties down and squated right on the sidewalk. Cars went by honking at her. Talk about parents having red faces. Did we stay and buy a new car………….. No. We then carried a little potty in the van for times like this

  30. Lindsey Kendrick says

    Oh boy – these stories are very funny! Thanks for the midnight laughs while I’m having a bout of insomnia. On that note – I am not able to think of any jaw-dropping stories from my kiddos ages 2.9, 4.5, & 5.75. One funny thing that comes to mind is that my kiddos think “hooray” is “pooray” – based on “Hip, hip, hooray!” Seems they just hear that last p connected to hooray – it cracks me up every time. I try to explain it to them, but to no avail – they are convinced it’s “pooray,” especially when I try to say it slowly to them – like it proves their point. :)

  31. Cammi H says

    My daughter once had her skirt tucked into the back of her panties while riding her scooter up and down the road.. Luckily, she was only 3 so she didn’t mind at all! Nice breeze, I suppose. And being the real mom that I am, I took pictures for the scrapbook!! :)

  32. Shannon says

    These response are fantastic!! Kids are so awesome. Mine are too young yet to enter the realm of the totally humiliating, but we all love the story of my brother when he was 2 years old. As one of five, he’d watch us stand in line for our weekly allowance. One week he filed in and my dad smiled and handed him a quarter. He looked down at his hand and my almost mute 2 year old brother said, “no Daddy, DOLLER!”. It’s our go-to saying when we’re short on cash now over 20 years later!

  33. Barbie says

    My son is a skinny 11 year old boy, but at one time, he was a fat little baby. Before he could walk he was wearing size 5 diapers because his booty was so huge. One day he was crawling around his exersaucer when I heard a weird sort of cry. I turned around to see his hiney firmly stuck in the slats of his exersaucer. His father had to pick up the exersaucer while I tugged on the child in order to dislodge him. It was really hard to do while laughing uncontrollably.

  34. Kathleen says

    Our 3 year old was in the back seat on night driving home and she started coughing and gagging. She said, “Oh no! I put a booger in my mouth!” She couldn’t quit coughing and hacking. We were actually worried she might throw up. It even made our 5 year old start gagging. We were laughing so hard and laughed even harder when we got home and she ran immediately to the bathroom “to brush the booger out” of her teeth. :) I like you on FB, follow on Twitter and on Pinterest.

  35. Virginia says

    This would make a great date night! My kiddos are still young but my oldest- 3 yo – has started repeating things that she hears…. for isntance, she was trying to talk to me while we were in the car. They baby was crying, I was trying to locate a new place we were going and she suddenly shouted- “Do you hear the words coming out of my mouth?!?!” So cute ;)

  36. Carrie says

    My kids say funny things all the time. One recent story: My almost 3 yr old son asked what a “bone” is. I told him that there are bones all over his body. I pointed to his arm and leg. He said, “No! This is my body!” and touched his bottom. I said, “That’s your bottommm.” He said, “That’s my booty crack!” Ha!

  37. Melissa says

    My husband commented to our 8 yr. old son that his hair looked like Justin Beiber one morning before school, and he came home with his bangs cut off that same day. When we asked him what happened, he told two stories before the truth…1) he fell on the playground and his hair just fell out in that one spot, and 2) after we didn’t believe 1, a second grade girl he didn’t know just walked up to him and cut it. After we told him we were going to the principal to sort it out, he confessed. But oh how his mind was working fast since he knew mom liked his longer hair.

  38. Beda Adams says

    So we gotta new small dog for the kids for Christmas (not my idea it was my husbands) I knew the dog would need to be trained and was hoping the older dog could help out…lol…Well any chance the dog gets, it takes off out the door running for her life, I’m sure from my 5 year old! Anyways I had just walked in from work to relieve my in-laws from watching the kids and sure enough Minji takes off out the door running …So everyone is running after her….including mother in-law who keeps reminding me why we shouldn’t have gotten the dog…We just moved in the sub a few months back and have not met all of our neighbors yet …well lets just say we introduced ourselves the Adams way…Haha..I look across the street and here comes my Ruby with Minji and as she is walking, her pants and underwear are down to her ankles and as everyone is looking at her..she is looking back at them like Haha I got the dog and you didn’t and quit looking at by butt! Welcome to the neighborhood

  39. Kelli says

    I was at TJ Maxx with my 2 kids and we were standing at the checkout. I looked around and smiled at the lady next to me, about that time my 3 yr old son grabbed my arm and said “mom, why is that guy dressed like a lady?” i looked at him and shushed him and looked back at the “lady” and it was a cross dresser. I think I turned a light shade of red and grabbed my change and kids and ran for the door. lol

  40. Helen says

    My daughter was around 3 when we found her squatting in the backyard going potty. When we got on to her about that is not where she goes, she said but Charlie (our neighbor) does it!

  41. Dava Johnson says

    When my baby brother was about 2 or 3 we went to Mcdonald’s for lunch and playtime. While we were playing on the play place (whose ground was covered in tree bark mulch stuff)my brother decided he needed to go potty. He proceeded to pull his pants down and go right in the middle of the playground. When mom saw what he was doing she grabbed him up and ran indoors to the restroom, but that didn’t stop my brother…there were poop droppings all the way through McDonald’s from playgroung to restroom. Mom came back with lots of tissue to clean up after him. I still laugh when I think about it. My brother is 27 years old now and he still turns red when we bring it up. :)