Help Me Rhonda

Dear Rhonda,
I cheated on my stylist. I wanted to try this new guy that my friend said was supposed to be great, but I hated the way he cut my hair. I really want to go back to my old stylist but she is going to take one look at me and know that I strayed, and I really don’t want things to be awkward. What should I do?

Dear Remorseful Cheater,
There’s an old saying out there that goes like this: “You stray, you pay.” But the truth is that it’s really okay if you try another stylist. Honestly, it is. In fact, stylists are sometimes even relieved to lose a customer who might be super picky or just never really satisfied. We’re normal people, just like you. We want our clients to be happy and, if you never are, it’s probably best for both of us if you move on.

But if you choose to go to someone else and happen to not like what you’ve paid for, go back with confidence to your old stylist. If he or she is happy to hear from you again, chances are you’ll get right back in her appointment book. If you’re made to wait, oh, I don’t know, two to three weeks or more, then chances are she wishes you had stayed away.

Now, this isn’t really a bad thing. It just means maybe you need to realize that stylists are human. It may also mean you need to do a reality check on your expectations. Really listen to what your stylist has to say about what kind of cut, style and color will work best on you. Remember, we’re trained for this, and your stylist can be your hair’s best friend.

Speaking of friends, most stylists genuinely like their clients and want them to be happy with their hair. If you end up being happier with another stylist, so be it. It’s your choice, your money and, most importantly, your hair. You’re the one who needs to feel good about how you look. And we all know that if you start the day with bad hair, your whole day heads straight into the pooper.

Just be sure you’re communicating with your stylist – what you like about your hair and what you don’t like. And be sure to do this before the stylist begins. Here’s hoping you and your stylist have a happy reunion.