A new app we love to save/share kids’ art! Plus one that makes chores fun for kids

My Little Artist Painting ‘My Little Pony’

You know that moment when your kid passes by the trash can and sees his or her most recent masterpiece crumpled and sad in there amongst the brown banana peels and used paper towels?

And you have to tell them that you “accidentally” threw it away?

Yeah. All parents have been busted for tossing out their kids’ art. But there are just so many walls and refrigerator doors available in a house before it starts to look overly cluttered. And, we have to admit, not all of the art is fridge-worthy.

Enter the new app ArtKive. The mamas LOVE this one. It’s free for a limited time, so we recommend an immediate download. This app allows you to photograph and store every piece of awesome artwork inside your tiny phone. You can just shoot and toss, keeping in mind we still recommend that you should make the effort to bury the latest van Gogh deep in the trash can to avoid hurt feelings.

Then you can save the really inspired artwork for the walls/fridge/office.

You can also share with the art with your ArtKive “Circle” of friends and family. We also like that each kid has his own tab and you can organize the artwork by date and name.

BONUS: Once you have enough pics in your child’s ArtKive, you can turn all those masterpieces into a book! We really love this. They also have gift items that you can transfer the art onto, like coffee mugs.

We haven’t tried this next one out yet, but we’ve heard from other moms that their kids are happily making beds, cleaning windows and generally getting stuff done around the house. The Magic App: ChoreMonster.

Kids can earn points by completing chores that they can turn in for personal rewards like ice cream, an hour of TV, or bigger things like a trip. Kids can sign into their own app/site and see their upcoming chores as well as review all the possible rewards they can get (and how much they need to save to get them).

BONUS: Along the way kids earn random monsters for added fun and surprise.

Watchout: Apparently there’s a bit of “potty humor” associated with the app. You might not be a fan, or that fact could have been listed under “bonus” depending on the mom and the kid :)