Reminder to take advantage of Arkansas’ sales tax free weekend!

Back to school

Mamas, this coming weekend (Aug. 4-5) is the sales tax free weekend for the state of Arkansas.

You basically don’t have to pay sales tax on Saturday and Sunday on items like clothes, shoes and school supplies. These are happening in 17 states and most of the events are this weekend.

Also, Sam’s Club locations are providing additional ways to save by hosting Open House events this weekend. During the Open House, non-members can shop at Sam’s Club without a membership and are not required to pay the customary 10 percent service fee if they make a purchase.

Go to for a complete listing of items that are exempt and not exempt from state sales tax during this event.

With the money you save on sales tax, you can buy extra school supplies or maybe dinner out after your shopping extravaganza!

Happy fun :)

Photo credit: Avolore via Flickr