Giveaway: Spring Celebration Package from Second Elm

giveaway collage2Happy Monday, mamas! The winner of this week’s giveaway is going to be VERY happy because this Spring Celebration Package from Second Elm in Rogers is all kinds of amazing. One local mama will take home ALL of the 8 items shown above. This package would normally sell for more than FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS! This would be an incredible way to kick off your spring and summer.

Second-Elm-Logo-1If you haven’t heard of Second Elm until now, that’s because it’s a fairly new shop located in downtown Rogers at the corner of 2nd St. and Elm (and now you know the significance of the store’s name.) But we have a feeling you’ll soon be hearing about Second Elm often as more people discover this fun shop.

The shop offers great gear for exploring and enjoying life — things like Kamado Joe grills, Yeti cups and coolers, Maui Jim sunglasses, soft-as-butter clothing from brands like Fayettechill and Life is Good, ORU Kayaks and the best ENO hammocks you can find. Store manager Becca is so much fun to shop with and she can give you more info about every item in the store. (They rent ORU kayaks, too!)

They also have some beautiful handmade, solid-wood outdoor furniture and accessories (like the cutting board pictured above). The wooden items are made by a Rogers company called EcoVet Furniture Co.

Here’s a closer look at each of the items shown above.

1. Yeti Rambler 30 oz. Tumbler with removable handle

2. Yeti Hopper leakproof, portable cooler

3. Yeti Sidekick water-resistant casegiveaway grouping1 700

4. Fayettechill t-shirt (you pick the size and color)

5. Fayettechill t-shirt (you pick the size and color)

6. Large solid-wood cutting board by EcoVet Furniture Co.

7. ENO Hammock

8. Yeti Rambler 30 oz. Tumbler with removable handle

HOW TO ENTER: If you’d love to win the Second Elm Spring Celebration Package, click on the word “comments” (right under the headline of this post) and scroll down to the bottom of the comments posted by other moms. Then write a quick comment telling us about something you’re looking forward to doing this spring or summer. Chilling at the lake? Reading a book in your hammock? Grilling out in the backyard?

You can also email your answer to us at

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We’ll choose the winner on Friday! To keep up with new items arriving at Second Elm, click HERE to follow the shop on Facebook. You can reach the store by calling 479-372-4235.





























  1. kate ritter says

    this summer, i’m looking forward to hiking with friends and going to the beach.

  2. Cassie Brown says

    I’m looking forward to starting my daughter in swim lessons this summer. She’s 2.5 and all she talks about is swimming! I can’t wait to see her swim!

  3. Holly Martin says

    I am looking forward to spending some weekends outside with my son. Maybe planting some flowers that he is wanting to plant and just enjoying the fresh air.

  4. Colleen houston says

    Really looking forward to spending time out picnicking out at parks, pools and the lake with the kids this summer :)

  5. Kristen says

    Looking forward to the summer with the kids – swimming, travel and making memories.

  6. Christy says

    I’m looking forward to relaxing on my deck with a book and to our vacation to the Pacific Northwest!

  7. Shannon Jones says

    We are a camping , river floating family. Would love to have done new gear for the spring floats in our future. Thanks for all the amazing giveaways. I’m going to stop by and check the store out this week.

  8. Lori Conn says

    I am looking forward to having my kiddos home and seeing what adventures we can get into! Thanks!!

  9. Sarah says

    Grilling, 4-wheeling on back roads, bonfires, our first vacation as a family, and lazy mornings with my baby girl!

  10. Rachel S. says

    Looking forward to many days and overnight camp trips at the lake! Love NWA summers!! Headed to Insta now to follow you for an extra chance to win!!

  11. StephaNie says

    I’m very much looking forward to longer bike rides, trail runs, and swimming with my family! I follow y’all on instagram, facebook, and twitter! I also receive your newsletter!

  12. Shannon Hahn says

    I’m looking forward to road tripping with my daughter before she heads off to college..

  13. April Parkhurst says

    I’m graduating from nursing school in 3 weeks, so I’m excited about having a “normal” life again! lol And I know my kiddos are too! Looking forward to camping, floating, and making lots of memories!
    I follow on twitter, fb, and instagram. Shared contest on twitter. Will share and comment on fb, as well! Love the newsletter!

  14. Savannah bOYd says

    I become a Girlscout leader this year and will be camping out with my girls in a couple weeks. This will be my first time Ever camping and doing so with a bunch of 3rd-6th grade girls! These items would be so fun and come in great use (especially for a break in the hammock!) Thanks!!

  15. Ricky says

    I’m looking forward to spending time with my family outdoors this year. My kids are old enough now to go hiking, camping, fishing and go on adventures!! I can’t wait!!

  16. Becky says

    I’m looking forward to working on a square to square bicycle ride with the family (Bentonville to Fayetteville), stopping frequently for breaks at local stores along the way!

  17. Kelly M says

    Excited to watch my daughter ride her bike, get some sunshine, enjoy evenings on the back deck watching the sun go down. I ❤️ Summer!

  18. Cynthia allison says

    This would be the perfect package for enjoying our summer by the pool with our family!

  19. Melanie says

    I’m looking forward to slowing the pace at home. Without the rush of getting everyone to school, it’s a more relaxing season!

  20. Jamie says

    I look forward to lots of camping, laying around outside with my kids and being out for summer!

  21. TRisha says

    I can’t wait to take our new baby boy to go fishing, hiking, and camping ! He maybe to little to remember but we want to start him early enjoying being outside!

  22. Julia says

    Looking forward to spending time at the newly renovated Lake Atalanta this spring! Bring it!

  23. Kelli Doss says

    I can’t wait to play in the backyard with my daughter! We love to paint, jump on the trampoline, and play in the sprinkler together.

  24. Renee Batara says

    I’m looking forward to taking my kids canoeing for the first time, and just spending a lot of time outdoors with no electronics!

  25. Jessica says

    This Spring/SUmmer I am looking forward to decluttering to make my home and yard a place for my family to really enjoy and feel at peace amidst all that is going on in the world. To really make our space feel like a place friends and family want to relax and rest.

  26. Christianna Kelly says

    Our family is looking forward to spending a lot of time at the pool as well as a vacation to Michigan!

  27. Carrie browning says

    Camping with the family!!!! Spending time with my grandkids and just family in general. I love when all 14 of us are together. I am blessed many times over!!!

  28. Melanie Huson says

    We are looking forward to not having a schedule to follow! That means sleeping in , playing at the pool, catching lighting bugs, and spending time together as a family ! I can’t wait!

  29. ShanDa strickland says

    Camping for the first time with our 4 year old. This would come in very handy !!

  30. deb Brose says

    This spring/summer I’m looking forward to taking a trip around Italy with my family, spending time at the lake paddle boarding and grilling and soaking up the sun with friends and family since every moment is so precious and life goes by too quick. Thanks ladies for helping keep us mom’s up to date with all the fun events and shops around our great community!

  31. Angie O. says

    We’re looking forward to the lake & spending evenings outside with neighbors while the kids play! Can’t wait!!!

  32. Megan says

    I am looking forward to taking a couple of weeks off this summer to enjoy a family staycation in Northwest Arkansas.

  33. Casey Fant says

    Canoeing with the family, fishing, hammocking, hanging out at the pool and BBQ’s with friends.

  34. Nikola Sievert says

    I’m looking forward to getting unpacked in the new house I just bought. And then I’m looking forward to making memories in the house with my kids so that it becomes home.

  35. AMber Cole says

    We just got 2 Kayaks and can’t wait to try them out. The cooler and hammock would go great when we have our outings to the river/lake. :)

  36. Amy says

    We’re looking forward to taking a family vacation before our oldest daughter starts kindergarten this year. And just enjoying lots of outdoor time!

  37. Leigh Evans says

    I’m looking forward to NOT having to get the kids ready for school in the morning and watching my son play so much baseball!

  38. Tonya bridges says

    Looking forward to exploring with my littles. We will do several hikes and go to look for diamonds!

  39. Alarie says

    I can’t wait to relax with the kids this summer and enjoy our family time without rushing everywhere! We love summer!

  40. VanessA says

    I’m looking forward to a couples massage, kayaking on the lake, and a family trip somewhere else.

  41. Michelle Nunley says

    Super excited for hiking and swimming in the lake! Love the great outdoors and exploring with my kids!

  42. Chris Johnson says

    Looking forward to hikes every week my kiddos and nieces and nephew. Have been hiking with them once a week in the summer for about 7 years now. I enjoy every minute of it!

  43. Amber Fowler Boice says

    I am looking forward to watching my infant grow. We don’t spend much time outside bc she is so young. I can’t wait to introduce her to nature.

  44. Jennie Van Es says

    I am excited about exploring area parks, hammocking, and riding the bike trails with my 3 daughters.

  45. LeAnne Malloy says

    I’m looking forward to getting my kayak out on the rivers! I’m excited to go camping with the kiddos too.

  46. Christy D Bennett says

    Looking forward to going to Mountain View this weekend for a week of relaxing at the river! This giveaway is amazing!!

  47. Brittney says

    Looking forward to a lot of family time–we have several small trips planned and are still hoping for a bigger, longer and nicer trip as well!

  48. Christy Johnson says

    Looking forward to hikes every week my kiddos and nieces and nephew. Have been hiking with them once a week in the summer for about 7 years now. I love every minute of it!

  49. Magan Steinbeck says

    I am looking forward to being with my kiddos all summer when I am not working. We don’t really have any plans “big” plans for the summer, and we won’t be taking a vacation due to finances, unforeseen bills, etc. However, I am looking forward to simply spending time and hanging out with my kiddos (and my mom–she lives with us) at the pool this summer! I cherish these moments with my babies, they still like spending time with their mom and they think I am fun. :)

  50. RiciA says

    With two littles it can be challenging toget out and “explore” but I hope to get them out in nature, travel the trails and soak in God’s amazing creations!

  51. Tami Marks says

    I love when spring arrives and we can play with the neighborhood kids again. Riding bikes, playing with chalk, running through sprinkler. All events to see the neighbors again after a long winter inside.

  52. Emily harri son says

    I am looking forward to spending many days outside with my two beautiful children. We love to go to the river and the swimming pool. Anything in the sun!

  53. Becky says

    I am looking forward to watching my kids play baseball & softball, and hanging out by the pool:)

  54. Cristy says

    I’m so looking forward to having my son home for the summer from college…I’ll have all 5 of my kiddos together and I can’t wait for a summer filled with walking Lake Fayetteville, hiking and picnics in the park with my kids! Family Time is the best!

  55. Karin Alvarado says

    I’m looking forward to spending more time with my girls this summer…going to the pool, hanging out at home, going to Silver Dollar City. I still have to work, but it seems so less stressful when I can work from home a day here and there. Working out by the pool should be my permanent spot!

  56. Marci Tate says

    I am looking forward to watching my boys play baseball, reading in the sun, and sleeping late when school is out!

  57. says

    This summer we will be living out of our camper until our house is built (hopefully finished in August!)…..woudnt this package be nice to win? YES.

    Im looking forward to this family adventure for sure! Kristy

    • Jane says

      We did a family RV trip last summer, and it was a BLAST! The close proximity was a bit much at times (I have two boys and a husband) but we were much closer by the end, and caught some beautiful scenery!

  58. Jane says

    I teach, so I always look forward to the summer for family time! We had a new baby in September, and I am going to get all of the baby snuggles that I can!

  59. Nicole says

    I’m looking forward to relaxing on the patio this summer with a fire going. I follow fb, Instagram, and the newsletter!

  60. Lesley says

    Summer is my favorite time of year! I am looking forward to hanging out at the pool, getting some sun, and just relaxing with my girls!

  61. Brittney says

    I’m looking forward to farmers markets, trips to the buffalo, and summer concerts!

  62. Kim B says

    I’m looking forward to a slower pace, easier mornings, camping in our backyard and beyond, and working in my garden, Home-grown tomatoes are the bomb!!

  63. Megan Lewis-Reed says

    Going to Paris next week! Looking forward to more bike riding and swimming this summer.

  64. ALEX jONES says

    Looking forward to road trips with my family in our classic Bronco on our way to see the great beauties of the Natural State!

  65. Elizabeth says

    Looking forward to camping all over the U.S. this summer. And also, can’t wait until it’s warm enough to plant my zipper cream peas!

  66. Erinn says

    I’m looking forward to spending the summer going on adventures with my step son. He learned how to swim last year and is super excited to go camping and to the lake. We like to take the whole family, which includes the dog (s)!

  67. gail Halleck says

    Awesome giveaway!! Looking forward to artosphere events and riding bikes on trail.

  68. Jennifer Jones says

    I’m looking forward to taking my son camping for the first time and taking him hiking also this summer!

  69. Amber says

    I can’t wait to repaint the furniture on my front porch. Then, looking forward to a lot of front porch reading, chatting, and listening to the kiddos play!

  70. Rose Ann Adcock says

    I am looking forward to going to car shows and cruising the coast with my husband in the 1937 Ford he built. It would be great to win the Yeti tumblers and cooler because they would be great take-a-longs on our trips. We would really be stylin in the Fayetteville t-shirts. What a great way to show case northwest Arkansas!

  71. Joyce says

    I’m going to teach my youngest son to ride a bike this summer. Looking forward to biking some of the paved trails with him.

  72. Kimberly CooK says

    I’m looking forward to our yearly family vacation where our whole family meets up and spends a week together….every year we pick a new destination ..this year is Branson

  73. shannon says

    I”m *so* looking forward to our week at the beach this summer!

    I follow on twitter at @channynn.

  74. Kim e says

    I am counting down the days. I’m a teacher and I’m not counting down until I get a break, just counting down till I get to be at home with my two little ones everyday. I love my students, but I miss my babies. We always spend our days outside, either just relaxing and playing, or getting out to some new places. I’m excited to take them to the reinovated Lake Atalanta Park. We haven’t gone yet. I follow in twitter, ig and fb

  75. Belinda grube says

    I am looking forward to riding my new bike with my husband this summer. My daughter bought us both a new bike for Christmas to help us be more fit.

  76. courtney says

    I am looking forward to spending lots of time outdoors with our 2 girls and welcoming our 3rd baby in July.

  77. Renee Gadberry says

    I am so looking forward to hanging out in our pool and going camping on the weekends!!

  78. Stacy Schmidt says

    Going to the beach. I also can’t wait to go hiking and looking for waterfalls. I love to be outside in the spring. When it starts to get warm though you can find me in the water.

  79. GiNa says

    I’m looking forward to swimming at the pool and relaxing on the beach with my family.

  80. samantha D says

    We’re looking forward to Silver Dollar City!!
    Backpacking at Hobbs and Devils Den, spending hot summer nights at Arvest ballpark cheering on the Naturals! and seeing the baby animals at gentry drivethru safari! Love NWA!

  81. AndrEa says

    Omg! Summer 2017 will be spent enjoying my new pool with the fam! Also getting new landscape which I enjoy because that’s one of my hobbies!

  82. Kristin Evans says

    I am looking forward to spending a week at the beach with my family! I love watching my boys play in the sand!

  83. Alyssa says

    I’m looking forward to teaching my son a little about camping this summer and enjoying the warm weather and swimming!

  84. Sara says

    This summer I’m looking forward to days filled with sidewalk chalk, sandboxes, park trips, and popsicles with my 2 kids!

  85. Brandy says

    Love this giveaway!!! So this summer I am so looking forward to chilling with my 4 kiddos and going to the beach!!! We love the beach!

  86. Michelle says

    I’m looking forward to swimming, gardening, catching up on my mystery novels, and grilling this summer.

  87. Robbie says

    I’m looking forward to lots of bike riding, camping, cooking on the BGE, and traveling around the country this summer!!

  88. Courtney mcnair says

    I look forward to our annual canoe trip this summer! It is great to be out on the river and totally unplugged.

  89. Lyndsey says

    I am really looking forward to the spring and summer! We are going to the beach and this would be great! It would also be nice when we go to Silver Dollar City or around NWA exploring. Such an awesome giveaway!!

  90. Reuben Oostenbrink says

    This summer I am looking forward to go hiking with my girlfriend hopefully with a new hammock to hold us as we dive into our books, starting with kon tiki!

  91. BranDy rodgers says

    We are new to the area and love exploring NWA. Ready to do some hiking and relaxing on the back porch watching my daughter play outside. We are loving this area!

  92. Suzanne says

    I am looking forward to planting a garden and having my little 7 year sidekick helping.

  93. Valerie Wise says

    I am looking forward to exploring the hiking trails and looking for waterfalls.

  94. Cammi Hevener says

    Looking forward to so many things this Summer!! Our oldest daughter is graduating high school in May and we will be taking her to college in Florida in August!! New Beginnings!!

  95. Chelsea says

    I’m looking forward to as much lake time as possible and going to the beach with the entire family!

  96. Kristin says

    I’m looking forward to time with my kiddos st the lake and family vacation!! Can’t wait to see the new store!

  97. Amy Swank says

    I am a teacher and live on Beaver Lake. During the summer I have “Lake Days” where all of my teacher friends come out and we spend the day together hanging out at the lake! We so look forward to this every year. We plan the first day before summer break even begins! :) I also am really looking forward to going to the creek with my son and nephews. We love to fish and gig crawdads. I love making memories every summer with my boys! :)

  98. Jordan styles says

    I’m looking forward to my daughters first time in the pool!!! We are also going to Arizona in May and will be hiking with her on my back :).

  99. Meredith says

    I’m looking forward to reading on the back patio!

    Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Follower

  100. Stephanie hardy says

    Yall ready for this…I have been a single mommy for 9 years and I am getting married!!! I cannot even contain my excitement as I am writing this. So this summer we are tieing the knot and going to enjoy some hiking, camping and rafting as a new family with all our children! I cannot wait!

  101. Jaclyn House says

    I’m excited about going to the water park with my family!!! I’m also excited to break out my hammock, hoping to get a few lazy Saturdays this Spring and Summer!

  102. Jackie says

    This summer we are looking forward to explorering Fayetteville! We just moved here, so lots to try, out!

  103. says

    My family and I are looking forward to swimming in the pool, camping and kayaking down the river! Kids are just ready to be out of school and sleeping in!!

  104. says

    I plan on spending time by the creek at our campground, Indian Summer in Lanigan, MO. We are going to relax, spend some time on the water and stay cool. This package would be perfect!

  105. Brandee says

    I’m looking forward to warm weather and summer to go camping and floating with my family.

  106. Joanne says

    I am looking forward to riding our horses with the kids and relaxation. Commented on fb page and follow on Instagram.