An Uncluttered New Year’s Resolution: Just One Thing

Guest post by Holly Shacklett of Simply Organized NWA

So many people add “Get Organized” to their list of New Year’s Resolutions.  I pat those people on the back because if that resolution comes to fruition, so many areas of a person’s life are affected in a good way.

The problem is the resolution is too big. It’s overwhelming. People just don’t even start because it seems so unattainable. In order to accomplish a resolution as big as “get organized” you have to break it down into smaller, manageable steps. Today I am going to break your overwhelming resolution into the smallest and easiest step. Ever.

Your sole goal?  Get rid of one thing a day. Who doesn’t have time to get rid of one thing every single day? In one month your house will be 30 items lighter.  In one year your house will be 365 items lighter and you won’t even notice it’s been happening when it comes to the time issue. And I’ll bet you start getting rid of more than one thing a day.

Part of the success key here is creating a home for the “get rid of” items. If you plan to donate most things then create a donate box/bin/tub and mark it as such.  Decide where you will donate items. Knowing where your items are going to land often helps people separate themselves from the item.

You don’t have to have a set plan as to where you will even start. Look around where you are sitting right now. Is there something you see you no longer love, something that weighs you down, makes you feel bad about yourself or is just sitting there taking up space? Are you looking at the broken coffee mug your husband gave you that you haven’t fixed in two years?

Toss it. He’ll still love you. Are you looking at the shirt in your closet that you try to ignore because you feel frumpy in it?  Donate it. We all make clothing mistakes. Are you looking at that vase your grandmother gave you that you think is super ugly? Pass it on! Givers don’t want their offerings to become burdens.

Source: rebekahmerkle, Pinterest

That’s it, you’re done for the day. Does this kind of de-cluttering sound doable to you? De-cluttering is one of the first steps in getting organized. If you take this challenge, please tell us at Simply Organized. You can leave a comment on our facebook page about what you got rid of on any given day, or every day. We will be cheering you on!

Your unattainable “get organized” New Year’s resolution?  No problem! You’ve got this!

Holly is a mother of two young children ages one and five, and she actually gets a little giddy at the completion of an organizing project because she simply loves it.  Simply Organized custom-designs organization solutions that work with your lifestyle and natural tendencies.